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Get the skills required to reduce costs, improve quality and enhance efficiency in your projects with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course

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IASSC and CPD Accredited

About the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is an essential qualification and training course for anyone working in a managerial position, particularly those implementing change, transforming a company or growing their career.

As a qualified Black Belt you’ll work smarter, be capable of solving complex problems permanently, and increase your chances of promotion by being able to improve processes and reduce costs within your organisation. The average return on investment for this course is 7:1, and the process allows you to prove it. What other training courses can say that?

Unlike many other Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses on the market, 100% Effective’s course follows the best practice approach to certification. This means you’ll get hands-on, practical experience running successful projects before you can certify, translating to greater success when you’re back at work. And you won’t be on your own, you’ll get your own dedicated Master Black Belt to support you through your training and beyond.

So why else should you chose 100% Effective?

  • Full certification is included in the price.
  • We assign you a dedicated highly-experienced Master Black Belt, through your training and beyond.
  • We provide lifetime support. If you have a problem now, or in five years, our dedicated team will try to help.
  • We’ll give you a FREE online Yellow Belt and a FREE online Champion Belt to assign to colleagues to make sure you’re supported from within, as well as by our expert coaches
  • See below for even more reasons to train with us.

Our course teaches change management as an equally important part of any project as the technical Lean Six Sigma skills. Our training reflects this balancing act and promotes the importance of change management to successful project development.

Equal-sides change management Lean Six Sigma

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This online course has:

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IASSC and CPD Accredited
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Online Black Belt Training

100% Effective’s highly-engaging and interactive eLearning is a learning experience that will give you a strong understanding of change management, Lean Six Sigma, influencing and Stakeholder Analysis. It covers all of the relevant theory and practical exercises you’d enjoy in a classroom environment, but without the need to leave your home or office.

With guaranteed certification in both Lean Six Sigma and Change Management you will have the opportunity to apply your learning through case studies, games and exercises.

This is not a static course but a dynamic learning experience. This online training is fully optimised so you can learn on any desktop, laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Get a taster of what our eLearning looks and feels like by taking one of our FREE online courses.

Was £5,125Save £1,285Course Reviews
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About the classroom course:

Classroom Course Prospectus
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IASSC and CPD Accredited
Classroom training courses

Classroom Black Belt Training

The term classroom training belies the adaptable nature of this blended learning experience.

Before attending the course, you will be provided with pre-course support from your dedicated Master Black Belt, who will help you to get ready for your training – select projects and set up your learning diary.

Prior to the classroom course, you will spend time learning basic skills and tools via interactive eLearning. You will be given 10 days of highly-engaging classroom training where you will be able to learn, practise, discuss and apply your learning. Using games, simulations, teach backs and exercises, your experienced Master Black Belt will teach you Lean Six Sigma, change management, influencing, communications skills to ensure your solutions are technically perfect, and are then accepted into your organisation.

At each stage, you will be provided with support over phone and email from your Master Black Belt, and given opportunities to apply your learning. You will then be supported all the way to ensure you certify properly as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, proving you understand the theory and application of the approach.

Our classroom Black Belt courses includes lifetime support, free training for colleagues and guaranteed certification. You will also obtain access to the whole course for 12 months via our Black Belt eLearning courses worth £1,550 (plus VAT).

Already trained to Green Belt level? You can jump straight to our Black Belt Upgrade course: Take the Black Belt Upgrade training.


The in-house course is:

Why choose us?
CPD Accredited and IASSC

In-House Training

With the freedom to choose when, where and how the training is delivered, our in-house Six Sigma Black Belt is the go-to option for many organisations.

Every in-house Black Belt we deliver is unique to the individual company requirements. We can simply deliver our blended Black Belt classroom courses to your doorstep, or we can a create course that is bespoke to your business. Course content and activities can be tailored to your industry, and your employees can engage with real-life examples from your organisation. Companies can even choose to develop bespoke eLearning material specifically for their training needs.

There are many benefits of in-house Black Belt training, from reducing the time employees are away from work, to feeling the force of a dedicated Master Black Belt focused solely on your organisation’s needs. Employees who train together often benefit from shared support, leading to increased project success, quicker certification and faster results.

Click the enquire button or get in touch to explore in-house Black Belt training further. With decades of experience delivering in-house Black Belt training, we are sure to help you find the right training solution for your team.

Multi-Buy discounts

For those looking to purchase this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification course for several individuals, we recommend enquiring about our multi-buy discount. Simply contact us directly or fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch with a cost-saving quotation.

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Increase your value, both personally and professionally!

Improve your role, increase your visibility or get a new job.

  • Completing this course and certifying successfully will give you two globally- recognised qualifications (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Change Management).
  • Develop your people management skills and gain experience managing complex projects – two skills which can be very useful for career progression.
  • Your projects (which are necessary for certification) showcase verifiable improvements and savings for your employer – giving you hard facts that could help you negotiate a pay rise, promotion or new role.
  • Become visibly responsible for strategically important problems.
  • Work across various departments and functions, giving you exposure to processes and helping you build relationships at all levels.
  • Learn how to accurately correct, analyse and interpret data.
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belts, with experience delivering successful improvements, can earn up to £80k a year – find up to date salary data here.
  • Solving strategically important problems using Lean Six Sigma will give you the opportunity to work with key stakeholders in your business, and be visibly responsible for changes that result in cost reduction, increased engagement across the workforce, and happier customers.
  • With a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt qualification, you can join the thousands of business improvement professionals and network with them worldwide.

Support for a lifetime

  • As our courses are CPD certified, you’ll be awarded 170 points on completion which may support you in further career development (such as chartered memberships).
  • Your dedicated Master Black Belt tutor (who has years of experience) can be contacted by email at any time during your training, and will help you with project selection, interpretation of data, solution implementation, and anything else related to your training and certification you can think of to ask.
  • As a 100% Effective delegate you’ll have access to our templates, guides, whitepapers and case studies to practise and further your learning.
  • You’re free to contact our Master Black Belts any time after certification! Our lifelong support means if you need help revising a topic you’ve not covered for a while, or need advice on a future project, we’ll be pleased to hear from you and delighted to help.
  • Obtain access to the same course via eLearning for 12 months – no need to rely on your memory or your notes just take the part of the course you need again and again.

What can a business with certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts can achieve?

Solve your company’s problems permanently.

  • Black Belts will solve complex problems permanently, improving quality as well as customer service, reducing costs, improving profitability and increasing staff satisfaction levels.
  • The 100% Effective Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course will train delegates how to use key soft skills during improvement projects to ensure that changes implemented are accepted across your workforce and solutions are embedded into your company to realise maximum success.

Achieve an incredible return on investment for your training.

  • Through the certification process and Lean Six Sigma project work, Lean Six Sigma training offers arguably the most easily proven return on investment of any training courses available.
  • The average saving by a Black Belt is £50k per project and certified Black Belts complete (on average) three projects per year, giving a projected return on investment for the training course of over 30:1 in the first year.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, as part of their projects, must have financial improvements/gains signed off by finance, meaning return on investment is easily verified.

Increase morale amongst your workforce and improve staff retention.

  • Whilst Black Belts are solving problems, they are improving processes and therefore often reducing workload or streamlining things for others across the business, improving morale.
  • Staff at all levels feel empowered to make improvements, making their own and colleagues’ lives easier.
  • Successful projects not only help reduce or avoid costs to make the company successful, but typically result in happier customers, and happier customers make for happier staff!
  • Savings/cost avoidance realised through completion of Lean Six Sigma projects gives your organisation more capital to spend on staff rewards and further training (and staff consider training a perk!).

Develop future leaders and change agents.

  • Staff who are invested in, and who play a significant part in the success and growth of the company, are more likely to want to stay!
  • Black Belts will challenge the status quo, and influence change within your organisation.
  • Many Black Belts go on to be promoted into more senior positions due to visibility in the organisation during Lean Six Sigma projects, and being equipped with a wide variety of hard and soft skills.

Stay ahead of the competition.

    • It’s now a given that large (and small) companies are running or starting some kind of continuous improvement programme. If you don’t start solving problems and improving your business now, you may be left behind.
    • Many tenders now require companies to prove how they reduce costs or improve service. Black Belts do this as the core of their role, and will generate evidence you can use in your bids, helping you to win additional business.
    • In a growth phase? Lean Six Sigma Black Belts will tackle all kinds of problems, solving them and improving processes so that they are efficient before being scaled or duplicated.

If you have more questions about the benefits for yourself or your business that Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses can bring then please contact us today.

What will I learn?

This Black Belt course is the highest practical level of training you can take in Lean Six Sigma, and it provides an internationally recognised qualification. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are in high demand due to their extensive knowledge and understanding of process improvement. It’s important to obtain a recognisable qualification for Lean Six Sigma, just like an MBA from a reputable provider is worth far more than one from a cheap alternative.

It covers both technical Lean and Six Sigma skills, tools and techniques as well as acceptance skills and approaches to ensure solutions stick in your organisation. As such, our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses will provide you with a Lean Six Sigma and Change Management qualification.

For a full breakdown of the topics covered in the course, download the brochure. The content covers all of the body of knowledge required by IASSC, ASQ and BQF as well as change, influencing and acceptance skills.

Classroom Course Structure Online Course Structure
Step 1 – Introduction and prep delivered through eLearning and Discussions with your dedicated Master Black Belt. Support to set up your learning. eLearning to ensure a common level at start of classroom training – basic stats, basic problem-solving skills, overview of Lean Six Sigma.

Step 2 – Provide names for access to your FREE eLearning Yellow and Champion Belt courses for colleagues worth £400.

Step 3 – 5-day Classroom session 1 – The first part of your Black Belt training is Green Belt content using discussions, teach backs, simulations, exercises and constant feedback to delegates. Work through case studies to apply learning. Following completion of this course you will be issued with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate.

Step 4 – Master Black Belt coaching and support to apply learning to your project or case study for certification via phone and email as well as monthly drop in surgeries.

Step 5 – Personal development via eLearning. Practise tools and techniques with further application exercises.

Step 6 – 5-day Classroom session 2 – Black Belt Lean Six Sigma, Change Management, influencing and acceptance skills using discussions, teach backs, simulations, exercises and constant feedback to delegates. Work through case studies to apply learning.

Step 7 – Access provided to entire Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course for 12 months via eLearning (worth £1,550).

Step 8 – Further Master Black Belt coaching and support and personal development learning via eLearning, phone and email, as well as monthly drop in surgeries to ensure successful completion of projects.

Step 9 – Project submission via storyboards. MBB advice to ensure certification.

Step 10 – Certification process. Presentation and interview with MBB. Issue of worldwide recognised certificate in Lean Six Sigma and Change Management.

Step 11 – Ongoing Lifetime Master Black Belt support via phone and email, as well as monthly drop in surgeries in York UK.

Step 1 – Introduction and prep delivered through eLearning and Discussions with your dedicated Master Black Belt. Support to set up your eLearning for success.

Step 2 – Provide names for access to your FREE elearning Yellow and Champion courses for colleagues worth £400.

Step 3 – Access to state of the art highly interactive eLearning available when and where you want, for 12 months. Templates, guides, and full black belt content.

Step 4 – Master Black Belt coaching and support to apply learning to your project or case study for certification via phone and email, as well as monthly drop in surgeries.

Step 5 – Personal development via eLearning. Practise tools and techniques with further application exercises so you can go deeper into a subject and practise your learning through case studies.

Step 6 – Project submission via storyboards. MBB advice to ensure certification.

Step 7 – Certification process. Presentation and interview with MBB. Issue of worldwide recognised certificate in Lean Six Sigma and Change Management.

Step 8 – Ongoing Lifetime Master Black Belt support via phone and email.

Certifying as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

It is essential that anyone looking to certify as a Black Belt does so in the correct way, so that their knowledge is properly tested and ability verified. Our certification process follows industry best practice as outlined below, so if you’re comparing our courses to others, make sure they offer the same.

  1. Complete training including Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques, as well as skills needed to ensure solutions are accepted.
  2. Take an exam (open book requiring a 70% pass mark). This proves you understand the theory, and will highlight any areas you may need to revise. You can take the exam multiple times, but we have a first time pass rate of over 90%.
  3. Apply your learning to two problems using the DMAIC approach. This proves you can actually solve problems, successfully collect and analyse data, use the right tools at the right time, influence, negotiate and manage change, as well as implement solutions saving time and money. This is the most important part of certification, just passing the exam is not enough.
  4. Present your project to a Master Black Belt, who will assess it to ensure you followed the best approach (if amendments or additions are required, feedback will be provided and resubmission encouraged).
  5. We will then issue you with a ‘Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt’ Certificate with verification details, 170 CPD points to prove professional learning, and a ‘Certified Change Management’ certificate.

Our courses are accredited by IASSC and the body of knowledge we teach covers all topics required to achieve certification through ASQ, and BQF too.

Who should attend our Black Belt training?

Anyone who is ambitious, interested in change, wants to make a difference, wants to grow and develop their skills or is looking to advance their career.

Black Belt training is designed for professionals who wish to work in senior positions or have responsibility for change management projects, wish to improve a business by reducing costs, improving customer service, quality and staff satisfaction. If you have been tasked with improving sales, increasing profit or transforming a company or function then Black Belt training is for you.

Our Black Belt training is designed for those who wish to qualify and certify correctly and to do so in the most time effective manner through blended learning, while learning both technical Lean Six Sigma skills and acceptance skills and approaches.

We have a guide for selecting the right course, but if you’d prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 066 3749 or use our live chat function.


There are no prerequisites for taking this training course. However, you will need to be capable of learning and applying your learning. You will need to commit time to learning new skills and investing in your own personal development.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt skills are useful in any function in a business including – Manufacturing, Service, Supply Chain, Finance, Procurement, HR, Logistics, Distribution, Sales, Marketing, Planning, Operations any function.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is available via our classroom training in the UK (London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, York, Leeds, Birmingham), Germany, Netherlands, USA, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France, Sweden, Denmark contact us for other countries and locations in the UK.

Here are the most recent reviews, to view the full list click here.

The ability to undertake a course such as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online has enabled me to learn to a far greater depth, at my own pace, and transfer that learning into the workplace more effectively. Far more so than a traditional face to face course.

Oct 2018

Recommend to take the full Black belt course or the Black belt upgrade course adjacent to the green belt.

Sep 2018

Convenient, enriching and useful

Sep 2018

In-depth and comprehensive

Aug 2018


May 2018

Insightful straight forward training and great support on email and live chat

Apr 2018

Mike Titchen is a fantastic trainer, he really helps you to understand the task at hand and the steps required in identifying problems and solving them.

Apr 2018

A lot of case studies and practise of using statistical toolings are extremely useful

Apr 2018

The content is compact and interactive. The trainer brought plenty of live cases into teaching and this helps the training receivers to bind those knowledges with their job related experiences.

Mar 2018

Excellent on-line Black Belt course which I really enjoyed. MBB responses to queries & submissions were quick, & general support was very good. I’d recommend the on-line training through 100% Effective to others.

Feb 2018

Very enjoyable and comprehensive. The feedback on project work from the Master black belt challenged me to look further and deeper into answers I initially provided.

Feb 2018

The Black Belt Upgrade was the natural progression to take from the Green Belt course. The content and material presented was clear. Support was fast. The MBB is clearly experienced and knowledgeable. A fantastic online learning environment.

Jan 2018

it was interesting, but a lot of information, needs to be used in practice to verify

Dec 2017

A great course that has really helped me in doing my job better. A rigorous focus on data is useful for any manager

Dec 2017

A really enjoyable challenge excited to get going!

Nov 2017

The instructions in the case studies were not always clear- otherwise i really liked the new format- interactive, it keeps you motivated and “entertained”

Nov 2017

Good content, a bit inconsistent in time spent on each topic

Alan G
Nov 2017


Arianna D
Nov 2017
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