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Overcome the nerves to deliver knockout presentations
Public speaking is one of the most common fears around. Standing up and talking to a crowd of people – even our friends and colleagues – can be intimidating. For some of us, however, it could simply be a case that we want our presentation skills to go from average to awesome.
In just a few short hours of interactive eLearning with 100% Effective, you’ll build on the strengths you already have and identify how to improve your weaknesses. This course can take up to two hours, but can usually be completed – including exercises – within one. To ensure you have plenty of time to complete the course, you’ll get access for one full month.

This Presentation Skills training contains games, interactions and quizzes to help you learn. Plus, it’s fully optimised for tablets and mobile.

Become a better public speaker today, with 100% Effective Presentation Skills.
About this course
Great presenters don’t copy anyone else’s style, they identify a way to present that works with their personality and strengths. One of the key aspects of improving your presentation skills is understanding that great presenting has a lot to do with confidence – and you can’t be confident if you’re not being yourself!
This course will help you understand the core aspects of what makes an interesting and engaging presentation. From there, you’ll learn some key tools and techniques to improve your existing presenting skills, as well as suggestions for overcoming nerves.
At the end of the training course, you’ll also be asked to create (and stick to) a personal action plan so you can watch as your presentation skills improve in the real-world.
The business world changes and more of us are having to present to and engage with people we’re not familiar with. So whether you’re just starting out and looking to impress, or you’ve been presenting for a while but want some top tips, this is the perfect course for you.
What will I learn?
It’s unlikely that you’ll never need presentation skills during your working life. Whether you’re attending an interview with three people, or presenting to an audience of thousands, we all need to present sooner or later.
This course seeks to improve your presentation skills, it includes:
This training course is delivered online using our market-leading eLearning and includes interactive quizzes, and an exam at the end to cement your learning.
Learning outcomes
Presentation skills training may be specific to public speaking, but the skills and confidence you gain can help you in all aspects of your life. It’s unlikely you’ll never feel nervous presenting again, but this course can help you harness those nerves and direct that energy into something more positive.
On completion of the Presentation Skills Training you will:
There are no prerequisites to this Presentation Skills training course. It’s suitable for people just starting out, and those who are already experienced presenters.
Who should attend?
This Presentation Skills training is suitable for people at all levels. It is appropriate for all industries and sectors as it looks at the skills involved in presenting itself, rather than content.
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