Master Black Belt Training (MBB) Certification - Become a leader in Six Sigma online or via virtual training course

Virtual, classroom, or online options, our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training has the power to reshape your career trajectory. Building upon your Black Belt Six Sigma certification, MBB training propels you to the next level, equipping you to tackle complex challenges, implement Lean Six Sigma seamlessly in any organisation, and become a proficient trainer and coach.

Embracing the MBB career path opens doors to effecting genuine change within organisations. It paves the way for internal or external consultancy roles and positions you for senior management opportunities, all driven by the acquisition of this highly coveted skill set. True Master Black Belts are a select group worldwide – aspire to become one of them and join the ranks of those who lead transformative change.

Therefore after certification, you’ll master the six essential elements to become a genuine Master Black Belt (MBB):

  1. Lean Six Sigma Trainer: Skillfully train others in Lean Six Sigma up to Black Belt level.
  2. Lean Six Sigma Coach: Guide projects to success company-wide as a dedicated coach.
  3. Tool Expert: Comprehensively understand all tools, including complex statistical analysis, to assist fellow colleagues in the business.
  4. Change Agent: Lead and drive transformative change within the company.
  5. Project Executor: Champion the success of various projects within the organization.
  6. Lean Six Sigma Program Manager: Effectively deploy and maintain Lean Six Sigma practices within the company.

With over two decades of experience, our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt program has consistently trained and certified Black Belts. Count on our wealth of knowledge and expertise to elevate your skills and propel your career forward. Lets now choose how you want to learn.  

Master Black Belt Apprenticeship certify for FREE in England
About our Master Black Belt course

Training to become a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt can be completed by attending our Virtual course or via a classroom event (online Master Black Belt training coming soon).  Whichever learning method works best for you the course will provide with

  • A new skill set including advanced statistical analysis
  • Opportunities to discuss deployments and other elements of being an MBB with like minded people.
  • A chance to network,
  • Support with projects and exercises to hone your skills
  • Full certification
  • Access to our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course for 12 months
  • Training by one of the first Master Black Belt ever trained in Europe providing expert guidance and support until you certify

Lasting 5 days the course will include exercises, case studies, simulations and indepth discussions and engaging and interactive materials to ensure deep learning. 

Support is on going and you can contact your Master Black Belt any time, before, during and after the training to provide guidance, support or offer feedback. 

Obtain the skills to take your career to the next level with Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training from 100% Effective Ltd. 

Prerequisites - MBB training course

Prior to enrollment in this MBB training course you must be trained to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt level and have a number of years of experience in Lean Six Sigma 

What is covered during a MBB training course?

The course is structured around the six key roles of a LSS Master Black Belt. Each Module provides tools, techniques, discussions, exercise and examples so that you can master each element and certify as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  Each module is explained below. 

MBB temple

Project Executor:

Some projects are too technically or organisationally complex for the average Black Belt, requiring tools or project management skills beyond the scope of most Black Belt programmes. Projects requiring sophisticated VOC (voice of the customer) analysis or simulation techniques may need the special expertise of a Master Black Belt.

Some projects require the use of DfSS (Design for Six Sigma). This utilise the DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyse, Design, Validate) methodology rather than the standard DMAIC roadmap.

Some projects may have such a large scope that they need to be delivered by means of transformational project clusters, or by means of multigenerational plans, and these usually require the skills of the Master Black Belt to divide up and coordinate.

Some projects require rapid intervention by means of large-scale multifunction Kaizen events requiring the sort of facilitation skills beyond that found in most Black Belts.

Performance Manager

Someone has to drive the Lean Six Sigma Deployment and this is often seen as the role of a Senior Leader (the Deployment Champion) in a business, but more often than not the actual day to day running of Lean Six Sigma is carried out by the Master Black Belt.

This involves ensuring that processes are in place to identify, prioritise, select and of course deliver Lean Six Sigma projects on time. Technical competence is a must to achieve this, but it also requires the ability to gain the organisational acceptance of senior leaders and management in general.

Lean Six Sigma programmes are usually expected to deliver a healthy return on investment (ROI) and the Master Black Belt must ensure that the projects will deliver the 4:1 ROI often demanded of such a programme.

The Master Black Belt may also be called upon to act as the line manager of any full time Black Belts employed within the company.


Black Belts, Green Belts, Champions and Yellow Belts all need to be trained, and who else is there to deliver this training other than the Master Black Belt? This training must be targeted at the specific needs of the business and utilise a range of training methods appropriate to different adult learning styles and environments.

Many of the Lean Six Sigma tools are technically complex and the skilled Master Black Belt can overcome the reluctance of many staff to really engage with these tools. She must help the trainees answer the three key questions related to any training. “Do I understand it? Is it worthwhile? Can I do it?”


One of the key roles of the Master Black Belt is as a coach to both Belts and Management. The objective here is to build a strong, supportive, trusting and accountable culture as part of the strategy to deliver the projects necessary to deliver the ROI discussed under the “Performance Management” bullet above.

On a human level this also helps people to reach their full potential and maximum job satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma is a development programme for both individuals and for organisations, and this development process is never without its set-backs and obstacles. The successful Master Black Belt can help those individuals and the business as a whole face up to and overcome these obstacles and set-backs.

Tool Expert

Master Black Belts within a company are usually the person to go to when complex analysis is required.  Anything from predicting sales revenues for the next five years, to gauge or reliability studies, to data mining challenges  can be presented to the Master Black Belt, and Senior leaders will also seek the advice of Master Black Belts on tools they can use to help with the strategic development of the business.

Master Black Belts are expected to ensure that the DMAIC and DMADV disciplines are followed at all times within the company and that appropriate conclusions are drawn from sound analysis of data.

Master Black Belts are expected to continuously advance their own understanding of the tools and to develop/adapt tools for use within their own business.

Brand Advocate and Change Agent

Finally, the Master Black Belt is expected to own, communicate and protect the ‘Lean Six Sigma Brand’ within the Company. She is expected to ensure that the structure and roles are understood and adhered to, and also to ensure that the Lean Six Sigma Brand is continually renewed through creative development over time.

Lean Six Sigma is about improvement, and improvement always involves change, and change is always resisted within a company. The Master Black Belt must therefore be an expert in the Change Management field if she is to be successful.

Together, these six training modules are designed enable the delegates to develop the skills necessary to fulfill all the above roles

Benefits of Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training

Upon completing Six Sigma Master Black Belt training, graduates gain the technical qualifications to:

  • Lead Comprehensive Improvement Programs:
    • Spearhead Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Operational Excellence (OpEx), or any structured improvement program.
  • Design and Deliver Diverse LSS Training Programs:

    • Create and conduct various Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training programs and courses.
  • Handle Large and Complex LSS Projects:

    • Manage extensive and intricate Lean Six Sigma (LSS) projects, encompassing design, risk reduction, lead time reduction, and problem-solving.
  • Perform Complex Statistical Analysis and Modeling:

    • Conduct sophisticated statistical analysis and modeling.
  • Lead/Facilitate Strategic Leadership Events:

    • Guide/facilitate leadership events aimed at developing/deploying strategy.
  • Lead/Facilitate Various Kaizens and Workshops:

    • Head/facilitate Kaizens and workshops of diverse kinds.
  • Coach Belts for Successful Project Completion:

    • Mentor Black, Green, and Yellow Belts to achieve successful project completion.
  • Provide Guidance to Executives and Operational Managers:

    • Offer guidance to executives and operational managers on effective program or project sponsorship and process ownership.
  • Design and Analyse Voice of the Customer (VOC) Events:

    • Develop and analyse Voice of the Customer (VOC) events.
  • Lead Large-Scale Change Programs, Including Cultural Transformation:

    • Spearhead extensive change programs, including cultural transformation.

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt training equips professionals with a versatile skill set to navigate and lead various aspects of process improvement, strategic initiatives, and organisational transformation. While turbo charging your CV / Resume. 

Why choose 100% Effective lets find out why? 

Our trainers are experts

  • As experts in business improvement we have supported clients on 5 continents to train and certify MBB’s.  We have certified and coached hundreds of Six Sigma Master Black Belts. 

Added Value 

  • No matter your learning method you will receive access to our online Master Black Belt Training / Black Belt eLearning course (worth £1350) for 12 months allowing your to retake the course over and over again.  This is highly valuable when you run your first sessions 

Lifetime support 

  • All our courses come with unlimited support via phone or email.  When you have a problem or need support our Master Black Belts will help you.

Highly practical training 

  • All our training options provide practical training from experts who have been there, seen it and done it.  We will enrich the training with stories, examples and experiences to answer your questions. 

Only course offering all process mapping techniques 

Don’t just learn how to flow chart our course teaches you 7 different tools so you can map at the high level or the highly detailed level.  Become a mapping expert with 100% Effective.  

Who Should Attend our Six Sigma MBB Training Course?

This course is designed for experienced and Certified LSS Black Belts who wish to develop their LSS skills and move into Senior LSS or Operational role, or for those already in these roles who wish to bolster their skills

The MBB training course will also be of interest to those in Organisational Improvement / Problem solving consultative roles

The course is designed to be of interest to those from all industries and backgrounds eg public sector, industry, service, education, defense etc

Remember that delegates will need access to Minitab (statistical software utilised in LSS) and MS Office

Prospective delegates with the necessary practical experience, but without the formal LSS qualifications will be provided with assistance in their path to obtain these

If you want to:
  • Know how to champion Lean Six Sigma 
  • Be able to transform businesses 
  • Be able to train and coach Lean Six Sigma 
  • Be able to solve complex problems 
  • Drive continuous improvement in your business
  • Change cultures 
  • Analyse complex data 

Then this MBB training course is for you.

The course is suitable for people with experience in all business improvement, operational excellence or continuous improvement from any industry. Some roles that may particularly benefit are:

  • Quality practitioners
  • Process improvement managers 
  • Operational Managers
  • Consultants

100% Effective’s internationally recognised certification is included in the price and requires completion of our certification process:

  • Prospective delegates will be asked to provide a resume of their practical and academic experience and achievements – projects completed or supported 
  • Demonstrate there ability to coach and train others in Lean Six Sigma 
  • Pass an end of course exam which explores all aspects of LSS  as well as aspects of the training, coaching and change management.
    • Multiple choice 20 questions
    • Unlimited retakes
    • Open book covering full curriculum 
    • Pass mark = 70% (our pass rate is 90% first time)

LSS Master Black Belt Certification will be awarded once the delegate completed the above process.  Online Master Black Belt training and virtual / classroom training will be certified in the same way. 

If a delegate does not quite reach the standard at the first attempt they will be supported to fill the gaps in their understanding and then allowed to re-take the relevant parts of the process.

  • Validate your certification – all certificates come with a unique number so employers can validate your certificate
  • Certification for life! There’s no need to pay to re-certify or retake MBB training after a number of years

Where can I attend MBB training?

  • Our 5 day Virtual Classroom MBB training  can be attended from anywhere in the world.  Virtual classes start at 09:00 until 17:00 UK time 

How do Virtual Classes work? 

  • Using zoom we provide interactive and engaging courses that have an excellent learning experience.  Our virtual classroom can be accessed globally, we limit sizes to ensure everyone can participate and engage. Our Master Black Belts provide their experience, stories and examples so you can not only learn the theory but how be highly effective Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts.  

Who delivers your MBB training courses?

  • Our Master Black Belt courses are delivered by our friendly and highly experienced trainers. As Master Black Belt they have trained and coached delegates from all over the world.  They have also delivered hundreds of improvement projects and supported thousands of others to do the same.

In-House Delivery

  • We can also deliver this Master Black Belt course just for your organisation. In-person at your office or a location of your choice or as a live virtual training course. For companies wishing to take advantage of our in house option we can adapt the training to suit your exact needs. 

Do you offer online Master Black Belt Training? 

  • We are currently developing our course so please get in touch if this is of interest.  

Will your online Master Black Belt Training be eLearning or recorded training sessions? 

  • Our online Master Black Belt training will be a blend of both eLearning and recorded sessions.  

What is the difference between Black Belt and Master Black Belt training? 

In-House Master Black Belt (MBB Training) Course, please enquire below:

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