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Formal or informal, positive or negative, learn to use feedback to its fullest
Whether it’s positive or negative, feedback is invaluable. When delivered effectively and received well, it can build strong working relationships, motivate team members and transform performance.
Our Giving and Receiving Feedback training course explores all aspects of feedback, both formal and informal. Through our market-leading eLearning, you will gain the knowledge and tools you need to use feedback to its fullest. Packed with interactive exercises, activities, quizzes and more, you will complete the online course confident in your ability to conduct positive and productive feedback sessions.
The feedback training course will take two to five hours to complete, depending on your personal learning pace. The course can be accessed on all devices, 24/7, wherever you have internet access. On successful completion of both the course and exam, you will receive a certificate and 2 CPD points. You will also benefit from our unlimited lifetime support.
About this course
The thought of feedback can often be frightening, both for those providing it and those receiving it. Given untactfully or taken badly, it can be demotivating and damage working relationships. But when done well, feedback can be an extremely powerful and positive tool.
Our Giving and Receiving Feedback training course will teach you how to use feedback to its fullest. Through interactive eLearning, you will explore all areas of feedback, both formal and informal. On completion, you will have a clear understanding of what effective feedback is and the communication skills to provide it. You will gain valuable tools such as frameworks for feedback sessions and top tips on receiving criticism graciously.
What will I learn?
Our Giving and Receiving Feedback training course will hone your ability to provide constructive feedback to the benefit of all involved. You will also learn how to receive feedback, both good and bad, in a way that progresses your position.
Our Giving and Receiving Feedback training course covers:
Learning outcomes
By taking our feedback training course, you will become confident in your ability to conduct effective feedback sessions and both give and receive constructive criticism. The outcomes of this course are not only of value for those in leadership positions, but anyone working closely with others.
Feedback plays an important role in the progression and development of people. For this reason, those with a strong understanding of feedback and how to use it effectively are great assets in any workplace environment.
Here are just some of the benefits you’ll gain from completing this feedback training course. You will:
There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.
Who should attend?
This Giving and Receiving Feedback training course has been designed and developed with the workplace in mind but will benefit anyone in a position of leadership.
If you are uncertain as to whether or not this course will benefit you, please get in touch. Our team of advisors are happy to help.
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