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SLC Standard Learning Credits

How to claim your funding

A guide to funding for learning in the Armed Forces

The Standard Learning Credits scheme allows service personnel to claim funding for learning. These credits are specifically designed for multiple, small-scale learning activities. SLCs can be combined with IRTC (Individual Resettlement Training Costs) for those leaving the Armed Forces; however, they cannot be used with ELCs (Enhanced Learning Credits).
ReAct funding is only available for people who are either currently being made redundant, or have been made redundant in the last 6 months. ReAct funding will pay for 100% of your training course.

Don’t lose out on your £175 per year funding

A £200 Training Course will only cost you £40!
SLCs allow you to claim 80% of the course fee up to a maximum of £175 per financial year.

How to apply for SLCs


Complete the form 'MOD Form 1950', and have this signed by your line manager and education staff


Purchase your chosen eLearning course from 100% Effective Ltd


Upon completion of your course, we will provide proof of training


Receive your £175 refund

The course/activity has to be proven to directly benefit the Service (unless it is in preparation for resettlement) and must be shown to help your development or resettlement. External courses must lead to or facilitate the award of nationally recognised qualifications as defined in the following sources:
Course Name List Price SLC Funded You Only Pay
Yellow Belt £240 £175 £65
Change Manager Skills £240 £175 £65
Process Mapping £180 £144 £36
Lean 5S £60 £48 £12
Problem Solving £180 £144 £36
Personal Development Bundle £199 £159.20 £39.80
Lean Courses Bundle £229 £175 £54

How will these training courses help your career?

Our courses are internationally recognised, making the qualification relevant no matter where you go. We can discuss your professional history in the Armed Forces to ensure that our courses build on the skills you have already acquired. Lean Six Sigma is now present in many companies so knowledge of the methodology is becoming increasingly important. Having a qualification in Lean Six Sigma can aid any industry and sector, so can benefit you within your Armed Forces career and beyond.

How much can you claim?

Distance learning courses can be funded under SLC providing that the unit Education Officer or appropriate single service authority approves.
SLCs allow you to claim 80% of the course fee up to a maximum of £175 per financial year. The annual allowance cannot be carried forward or used for previous years. You can make more than one SLC claim in each financial year providing the maximum credit (£175) has not been exceeded. You can claim your refund once proof has been received that you have completed the learning.

Why use your SLCs?

Our courses lead to a nationally recognised qualification which is required to receive SLC funding. SLCs cannot be transferred to another year or used retrospectively. They allow you to complete lifelong training at a discounted price.

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