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A thorough introduction to the transformational Business Improvement method that is Kaizen.
Our eLearning option allows you to learn all about the transformational Lean method of Kaizen at a time and in a place that suits you. Our online training not only eliminates the associated costs of training, such as time away from the office and travel expenses, but is also a fun, engaging and effective way to learn.
Designed by our Master Black Belts with more than 20 years experience running Kaizen events, the course is a comprehensive introduction to Kaizen. Through interactive online learning, you will learn when, why and how to run successful Kaizen events that solve costly problems in your company.

Fully optimised for all devices and taking around 1 hour to complete, the course is a quick and convenient way to gain a strong Kaizen awareness. 

About this course
Lean Kaizen events, also known as Kaizen Blitz or Rapid Improvement Workshops, are a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating problems in a short period of time. A popular Business Improvement method for organisations around the world, they are proven to increase efficiency and ultimately save businesses time and money.
This course is a short but comprehensive exploration of Kaizen and Kaizen events. On course completion, delegates will have gained a true understanding and appreciation for the power of Kaizen. The course also prepares delegates to support or be part of Kaizen events that permanently solve problems within their workplace.
What will I learn?
Designed by Master Black Belts with more than 20 years practical experience running Kaizen events, this course covers all the essential elements you need to run successful Kaizen events.
This Introduction to Kaizen training includes:
Learning outcomes
The Kaizen awareness gained on this short but effective course is of great benefit to anyone who may be part of a Kaizen event or problem-solving process. By gaining a true appreciation of the power of Kaizen, a knowledge of the Lean tools involved, and the steps for problem-solving success, you will begin to see problems in a more positive light.
Having completed our Introduction to Kaizen training, you will:
There are no prerequisites for this Kaizen training course.
Who should attend?
This course is suitable for professionals of all levels and in any industry. It is designed to give delegates a strong Kaizen awareness and an introductory knowledge of how to run Kaizen events in their organisation.
For those looking to further develop their Kaizen skills and become a qualified Kaizen Facilitator, we recommend our Kaizen Facilitator training course.
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