Training Courses for your LMS

Unlimited Access / Low Annual Fee / SCORM Compliant Training Courses

You have an LMS (Learning Management System) and you’re wanting to add some new and great content to it. You’ll want unlimited access (you don’t want to pay as you go), and you’ll want the course to be SCORM compliant. 100% Effective have developed highly interactive online training courses in a large number of topics, which provide certified training for your staff. With 35+ courses to choose from covering management development, change management, business improvement and personal development.

Each course can be added to your LMS on an annual and unlimited used basis. You can choose the courses you wish to add to your LMS. Your staff have unlimited use of the course for 1 year enabling you to offer state of the art online learning for a very low price.

What are the benefits?

If you already have an LMS or website where your staff go to train, you probably don’t want them needing to access another website for different courses. This is where our SCORM Library can help.

  • Unlimited use – During the 12 months, you can train UNLIMITED users on the courses.

  • Your website – Your staff never need to leave your website or LMS. The courses will work in the same way.

  • Fixed prices – Instead of paying per licence, you will pay per course. Ideal for budget management.

  • SCORM compliant – Our courses are packaged as SCORM 2004, and ready to load onto your LMS.

  • Maintenance/upkeep – We host and manage the course files, so you don’t have to.

  • Pre-loaded content – Instantly bulk up your LMS library with our courses, providing personal development to your staff.

  • Pick and Mix – You choose which courses you’d like to load onto your LMS.

How does it work?

We’ve provided a brief overview below, however every request is unique, so please contact us on 0800 066 3749 to discuss your requirements.


The available courses

We’ve listed some of our most popular courses below, ideal for personal development. If there’s a course you’re interested in which isn’t listed here, please give us a call on 0800 066 3749 to discuss.

Full Module List
1 Accounting Skills for the non-finance
2 Action Planning
3 Active Listening
4 Body Language for effective meetings
5 Brainstorming
6 Building High Performance teams
7 Building your Personal Brand
8 Change curve
9 Coaching Skills
10 Communication Skills
11 Conflict Resolution
12 Creative Thinking
13 Effective Meetings
14 Emotional Intelligence
15 Giving and Receiving Feedback
16 Influencing Skills
17 Interviewing Skills
18 Intro to Lean
19 Introduction to Six Sigma
20 Kotter 8 Steps – implementing change
21 Lift Speeches – explain concepts to gain understanding
22 Littles law doing more in less time
23 Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs – Motivation
24 Mind Mapping
25 Negotiation Skills
26 Networking for Success
27 Presentation Skills
28 Pressure Management
29 Prioritisation in Problem Solving
30 Self-esteem Assertiveness
31 SMART Goals
32 Stakeholder Analysis
33 Stress Management
34 Team Based Problem solving
35 The Practical Trainer
36 Time Management
37 Voice of the customer – understand who they are and how to give them what they need
38 Workstation Analysis: Ergonomics
training courses

The prices

You can buy any combination and as many courses as you want, starting with 5 courses for 12 months. These prices are for Unlimited use during those 12 months.

Number of Courses Cost per Year Price per Course
5 courses £POA+vat per year £POA+vat per course
15 courses £POA+vat per year £POA+vat per course
25 courses £POA+vat per year £POA+vat per course
38 courses £POA+vat per year £POA+vat per course

How to order

Once you’ve decided which courses you’d like to load onto your LMS, please call us on 0800 066 3749 (or use our live chat) to discuss your requirements. We will assist you every step of the way, to ensure our courses display on your website as intended.