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Explore the communicative power of body language and learn how to use it to your benefit.
Designed and developed specifically for online use, our Facilitation Body Language course provides high-quality training with all the benefits of eLearning. Unconstrained by the classroom, you can work through the course content at a time and in a place that suits your lifestyle. The course is made up of interactive content that is optimised for desktops, laptops and tablets, so it’s as flexible as it is fun.

On average, the course takes around one hour to complete. However, with one month’s access in which you can retake and revisit the course material, you dictate the pace at which you learn. We also include lifetime email and phone support to encourage your continued success.

Please note, this course is accompanied by a British English voiceover.
About this course
Body language is key to our communication, often revealing much more than what we say and how we say it. Those who are in tune to this type of communication are able to get the most out of meetings and conversations. They can read and adapt to the body language of others, influence and engage teams using their own body language, and ultimately facilitate more effective meetings.
Through this short, interactive eLearning course, you will learn the many ways in which body language can help to create a productive meeting. The course also covers topics such as how to create a comfortable and constructive meeting environment and how to identify group dynamics. With your new knowledge and understanding of body language, you can enter the boardroom with a higher level of communication.
What will I learn?
The course provides a solid foundation to reading body language in professional settings. You will learn the important role body language plays in communication and how you can use it to facilitate engaging meetings.
Facilitation Body Language training teaches you:
Learning outcomes
In a competitive world that is growing bigger and badder by the day, it’s the individuals with strong personal brands who stand out. They are memorable, confident, and know how to get what they want.
And it’s not just the individuals who benefit from forming a strong personal brand; successful organisations recognise the value of this type of employee. One who can communicate effectively, represent them well, and ultimately contribute to the all-important company brand.
In a few short hours you will:
There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.
Who should attend?
Regardless of role, organisation, or industry, we all have a personal brand that should be carefully considered and nurtured. For this reason, we have designed and developed this course to suit individuals of all professional levels.
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