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One-to-one coaching for individuals and large-scale solutions for businesses

Coaching Your Way

One-to-one coaching provides extra support to complement our online, in-house and classroom training. All our coaches are Master Black Belts with years of experience across all major industries, so you’ll get practical support and advice to suit your individual circumstances.
We can provide one-to-one coaching on a face-to-face basis, via telephone for individuals. Or, on a much larger scale for company-wide training and coaching requirements.
Whatever way you choose to have your coaching delivered, you’ll always benefit from the one-to-one support of a Master Black Belt. They follow a tried and tested approach to get the most from your session. Each meeting has a clear set of goals and objectives to ensure that every minute with your Master Black Belt is as effective as possible.
During each hour-long session, your coach will work with you to answer questions and provide coaching. Where necessary, they will also review your project or certification progress.

Where do we run our training courses?

In the UK (London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, York, Leeds, Birmingham), Germany, Netherlands, USA, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France, Sweden and Denmark.

Coaching is included in our training courses

Many of our Business Improvement courses come with one-to-one coaching included, and we urge you to use it! You can also purchase extra coaching if you need more in-depth support.
Every single course we offer, no matter how you learn, comes with our unique lifetime support guarantee. So you know we’re always on hand to help, if you need it.

100% Effective Coaching

Our Master Black Belts are world-class experts in Business Improvement, with over 108 years of experience between them. Their skills include leadership, advanced statistics, monitoring and metrics, and in-depth knowledge of DMAIC and Design for any sector. They have overseen Business Improvement deployment at a range of companies so know how to help. Coaching is planned, focused and followed up in a way that adds value and delivers tangible results.

What are the benefits?

With its focus on data-driven decision making and structured approach, Lean Six Sigma training is a requirement for an increasing number of roles.

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