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An interactive online course affording you the skills to become an effective negotiator.
Negotiation Skills are used on a daily basis, from small discussions over what film to watch with friends to closing a major deal with clients. It is a fundamental part of life and so those who are able to negotiate effectively encounter high levels of success, both personally and professionally. The Negotiation Skills online training will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to become a confident negotiator.
Designed by experienced Business Improvement experts, the course covers all elements of negotiation. This includes the different negotiation styles, how to achieve amicable agreements, and even tips on how to deal with tough or unfair tactics. On completion of this course, your high levels of negotiation skills will enable you to save time and money, and enjoy productive discussions while maintaining healthy relationships.
The Negotiation Skills eLearning course provides high quality professional training with all the benefits of eLearning. Enjoy an educational experience through interactive content, whenever and wherever you like – whether that’s on your desktop at work or on your personal device at home!
The Negotiation Skills online course is fully optimised for laptops, desktops and tablets, and takes around two hours to complete. However, with access for an entire month you will have plenty of time to complete the course at a pace that suits you. To ensure you get the most out of your training, you will also receive lifetime 100% Effective email and phone support.
The Negotiation Skills eLearning course is accompanied by a British English voiceover.
What will I learn?
Our online Negotiation Skills course will prepare you for all levels of negotiation, from small- to-large-scale discussions. You will learn the basic negotiation principles along with a wide range of skills and strategies to shape you into a confident and effective negotiator.
Here is an outline of our online Negotiation Skills eLearning course:
Learning outcomes
Through effective negotiation skills, you can achieve efficient and productive discussions that ultimately save time, money and maintain positive relationships. These benefits are not only of great value to your own personal and professional life, but will also be of great advantage to your employer.
This online course allows you to learn at your own pace and in a place that suits your needs. In under five hours of interactive learning, you will:
There are no prerequisites for taking this online training course.
Who should attend?
Our Negotiation Skills eLearning course has been designed to suit professionals of any level or industry. This course would also benefit individuals interested in improving their personal confidence in everyday negotiations and discussions.
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