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We’ve compiled our full Lean Library into one product. Purchase our entire Lean Library for 12 months and become a true Lean expert! See the full list of courses below.

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If purchased separately, these courses would cost over £1,000! But for only £720, you unlock all of the courses and certificates immediately.

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We don’t want you to feel rushed, which is why we’ll give you 12 months to complete the training.

About this course
Lean is a Business Improvement methodology used across industries worldwide to increase efficiency by reducing waste. When implemented successfully, the results are transformative and companies achieve significant financial savings. Our Lean library is a unique package of eLearning courses, giving you all the tools to implement Lean and transform your organisation. For £720, you will receive the following eLearning training courses:

Just like Lean itself, the training courses are applicable to any industry and have varied examples throughout to show the adaptability of the method. The courses are interactive and highly engaging, and all content has been designed by our experienced Lean Masters.

What’s included in the Library?
With content designed by our experienced Lean Masters and developed by our eLearning experts, the courses are packed with videos, quizzes, and other interactive materials to engage all types of learners. All courses in the Lean library are online. They are optimised for both desktops and tablets, allowing you the flexibility to train when and where you like.
With access to all course material, you can learn at your own pace to ensure you get the most from your eLearning.

During your Lean training you will benefit from email support from a dedicated Lean Master and receive continued lifetime support after completion. Our eLearning is narrated by a British English voiceover. To complete each Lean course, you must pass a multiple question exam, which you may sit numerous times.

Learning outcomes
Our discount Lean training library package is a cost-effective, coherent and convenient way to gain Lean tools and knowledge to transform your workplace. You will save money even before you begin your Lean training. Once you complete your training, you will have the ability to achieve measurable financial savings for your company. You will know how to improve quality, increase efficiency, and create a positive culture of change in any company.
The Essential Lean library will give you:
All courses in this discounted Lean training package come with internationally recognised certification.

There are no prerequisites for taking our Lean Library training course.

Who should attend?
Whether in our personal or professional lives, we can all benefit from learning to foolproof systems. As such, this Mistake Proofing course can be taken by anyone with an interest in the Lean technique.

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We have options available to load these onto your own LMS.
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