Effective, engaging, practical course in Process Mapping skills and techniques.

Process Mapping Training online, virtual (zoom), in house training. Full certification in process mapping including support from an expert in all mapping techniques. Understand and simplify your processes to reduce costs, improve quality and reduce time.

Learn not only the technical aspects of Process Mapping but also how to run sessions effectively. 7 different techniques are taught in training lasting around 5 to 10 hours, so you can truly understand and then improve a process. Process Mapping is an essential skill for any manager, analyst, consultant or those engaged in business improvement or quality.

Training includes exercises and examples to provide practical training so you can learn and make a difference today. 3 different ways to learn – online, virtual classroom or in house you choose.  

About our Process Mapping Training course

Process Mapping Training is an essential tool in any Business Improvement activity. Lean Process Mapping helps you find and address problems and waste by helping you to visualise what is currently happening in the process. This results in better-performing, simplified processes and improved quality and lead times.  

Following this training course you will be able to explain what you do at work as a process, visually illustrate processes throughout your company and make improvements that highlight your role as an invaluable resource in your company.

Business Process Mapping is ideal for anyone who needs an understanding of the various different process mapping techniques. Each approach is clearly explained so that you can pick the best level of mapping for your needs.

You do not need any experience of Business Improvement to take this course.

Process Mapping Training Demo

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    What will I learn with the virtual or online Process Mapping training?

    This Process Mapping training will help you give clarity to complex systems and chains of communications in your office. Once processes are visually represented on a process map, it is much easier to identify the problems and bottlenecks causing delays or mistakes. This course can be learnt online, in the classroom or we can come to you.

    The course will cover the following:

    What is a process?

    The Process Map

    • SIPOC process maps
    • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
    • Swimlane process maps
    • Y=F(x)+e process maps
    • Activity diagrams
    • Spaghetti diagrams
    • IDEF Modelling

    Running a Process Mapping session ‘As is’ then ‘To be’

    100% Effective mapping exercises 

    The duration and price of the course depends on how you choose to learn. Look below for more details about our online, virtual and in-house options.

    Learning outcomes for the Process Mapping certification

    Following completion of this Process Mapping training course you will: 

    • Understand what process mapping is and its benefits
    • Know how to produce ‘As is’ and ‘To be’ process maps 
    • Understand 7 different process mapping techniques and which one to choose to meet your objectives 
    • Be able to apply basic analysis techniques to business processes and how to use process mapping to improve them
    • Understand how to collect data, ensure accuracy and identify opportunities for improvement 
    • Understand how to set up and run successful mapping sessions using a team approach 
    • Be able to document processes to communicate to others current processes, leading to improved delivery and continuous improvement 
    • Have practised mapping at different levels, and understand some of the pitfalls
    • Address the ISO requirements for developing a process 
    • When you bring this course in-house, the content above can be tweaked and changed to meet the needs of your team.
    • When you bring this course in-house, the content above can be tweaked and changed to meet the needs of your team.

    Our trainers are experts

    • As experts in business improvement we have supported clients on 5 continents to map and improve processes.  We have trained thousands of delegates in the art of process mapping. 

    Added Value 

    • No matter your learning method you will receive access to our eLearning course (worth £150) for 2 months allowing your to retake the course over and over again.  This is highly valuable when you run your first sessions 

    Lifetime support 

    • All our courses come with unlimited support via phone or email.  When you have a problem or need support our Master Black Belts will help you.

    Highly practical training 

    • All our training options provide practical training from experts who have been there, seen it and done it.  We will enrich the training with stories, examples and experiences to answer your questions. 

    Only course offering all process mapping techniques 

    Don’t just learn how to flow chart our course teaches you 7 different tools so you can map at the high level or the highly detailed level.  Become a mapping expert with 100% Effective.  

    Who Should Attend our Process Mapping Training Course?

    This process mapping training course is designed for anyone wanting to design, create and communicate processes.  The course will train you in tools and techniques that can be used for gaining a greater understanding of current workflows and developing more efficient processes with future state maps. 

    If you want to:
    • Know how to create a quality process map
    • Be able to communicate process maps to others
    • Understand different mapping tools and techniques 
    • Understand how to run effective mapping sessions 
    • Drive continuous improvement in your business
    • Satisfy the requirements of external quality audits, for example ISO
    • Have a better approach to process planning

    Then this process mapping course is for you.

    The course is suitable for people of all levels and in all roles and industries. Some roles that may particularly benefit are:

    • Quality practitioners
    • Process improvement managers and improvement teams
    • Process owners
    • Managers of any level

    100% Effective certification is included in the price and requires completion of our online exam. Our process:

    • End of course exam – understand the theory
    • Multiple choice 20 questions
    • Unlimited retakes
    • Open book covering full curriculum 
    • Pass mark = 70% (our pass rate is 90% first time)
    • Validate your certification – all certificates come with a unique number so employers can validate your certificate
    • Certification for life! There’s no need to pay to re-certify after a number of years

    Our curriculum covers understanding process mapping, how to run process mapping sessions as well as 7 key process mapping tools and techniques.  This certification proves your knowledge of business process mapping. 

    Who should attend?

    How does process mapping relate to ISO?

    • ISO and quality management systems require accurate and effective processes to be mapped and documented.  This course provided training in how to achieve this.  
    • Process mapping gives you the ability to create diagrams that give a high-level view of these processes within your organisation and how they interact. Using this style of visual mapping can help you to identify problems and streamline business processes.

    Where can I attend this training?

    • Our 1 day Virtual Classroom Process Mapping and online eLearning courses can be attended from anywhere in the world.  Virtual classes start at 09:00 until 17:00 UK time 

    How do Virtual Classes work? 

    • Using zoom we provide interactive and engaging courses that ensure you have an excellent learning experience.  Our virtual classroom can be accessed globally, we limit sizes to ensure everyone can participate and engage. Our Master Black Belt provide their experience, stories and examples so you can not only learn the theory but how to effectively run process mapping sessions.  

    Who delivers your process mapping training courses?

    • Our process mapping courses are delivered by our friendly and highly experienced trainers. As Master Black Belt they have trained and coached delegates from all over the world.  They have also delivered hundreds of improvement projects and supported thousands of others to do the same.

    In-House Delivery

    • We can also deliver this Process Mapping course just for your organisation. We can do this in-person at your office or a location of your choice or as a live virtual training course. For companies wishing to take advantage of our in house option we can adapt the training to suit your exact needs. 

    In-House Process Mapping Course, please enquire below:

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