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What is eLearning?

In a literal sense, eLearning is any kind of training you complete online. So, if you take an eLearning course, you can expect to take all or part of it on a computer. It’s likely you’ve had some experience of eLearning, whether it’s through a distance learning course or through mandatory training at your place of work.
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How The eLearning Landscape Has Changed

In the decades that eLearning has been around, it has undergone a huge transformation. As well as the necessary facelift to pull it away from 90s clip art and bullet points that bounce across your screen, it has also changed in its delivery.
Training providers, eLearning developers and learning and development managers are all now aware of the importance of balancing the benefits of eLearning with the advantages of traditional learning methods.

What We Do

100% Effective is an award-winning learning partner. We’ve been educating organisations around the world and encouraging them to improve since 1999.
Since 2007, we have developed over 500 eLearning solutions. We use the latest approaches to ensure our eLearning is state of the art and achieves the highest levels of engagement and learning.
We know that eLearning is just one of a wealth of tools at our disposal for improving, so we work with businesses to help them find a solution that is unique to them and fits their training and learning requirements. Custom eLearning is not just an alternative to classroom training, it can help with a range of things including product knowledge, new starter inductions and even staff satisfaction.

We have a library of off-the-shelf training in four key categories:

However, if you’ve got a request for custom or bespoke eLearning, our team of experienced eLearning developers can help you bring your idea to life.

Benefits of Bespoke

The benefits of choosing a bespoke eLearning solution are much like the reasons you’d buy anything tailored to your needs – you can be sure it’ll meet your requirements and be a good fit. You can build a solution that suits the culture of your organisation and is delivered in a way that makes sense for you. While one of the traditional benefits of eLearning is the 24/7 access – making it a boon for standardising skills across multinational teams. It also allows knowledge checks of processes, communications, system changes, product launches and proves compliance.
You can develop an eLearning solution to help you meet Just-In-Time requirements, so your team learn what they need when they need it, rather than being bombarded with information in one sitting. Completing training that has clearly been designed specifically for the problem or purpose you have is also more engaging and satisfying for the learner, resulting in better outcomes.
Plus, as the training has been created for you, it’s yours to use again and again, reducing long-term costs.

So, the benefits of bespoke eLearning are:

Recent Work

We use eLearning solutions every day, in some unusual ways. We believe learning should be fun, so we try to think of new ways to get people engaged and excited. Take a look at some of our recent work below.

Why Us?

Our experienced team of eLearning developers, designers and writers are all in-house. This means we can offer you the high levels of support and expertise necessary for creating quality bespoke eLearning. With our core values of quality, support and innovation underpinning everything we do at 100% Effective, you can be confident you’ll receive bespoke eLearning that exceeds expectation.
Quality – By choosing 100% Effective, you are choosing a team that cares as much as you do about getting your eLearning just right.
Support – From ideas generation to technical help, our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your eLearning is everything you want and more.
Innovation – With access to the latest and greatest technological advancements and a highly creative team, we can develop eLearning that is engaging and as exciting as you choose.

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