An interactive eLearning course to help you build and benefit from a successful personal brand.
As one of our interactive eLearning courses, Building Your Personal Brand training allows you to learn in a way that suits you. You can train when you want, where you want and, as you can pause and revisit the content as often as you like, you can also set the pace. With so much control over your own learning and high-quality course content, you’re sure to succeed!

On average, this course takes around one hour to complete. To ensure you have plenty of time to make the most of the content, you will have course access for one full month. To ensure your continued success building your personal brand, you will also receive our 100% Effective lifetime phone and email support.

The course is compatible for laptops, desktops and tablets, and has a British English voiceover.
About this course
Just like the organisation you work for or the businesses you buy from, you have a brand. Made up of aspects such as your appearance and your attitude, your personal brand is the way people view you and how you make them feel. By building and nurturing this brand effectively, you can gain more control over the way you are viewed by others and ultimately get more out of your personal and professional life.
Through this short online course, you will understand the importance of an effective personal brand and learn all the steps to successfully build your own. From forming your overall goals to managing your online presence, you will complete the course confident in all areas of personal branding.

With a range of exercises and interactive activities throughout, your learning experience will be as engaging as it is informative.

What will I learn?
This short course will take you through all aspects of what it takes to build an effective personal brand. You will understand the benefits of nurturing a brand successfully and gain the knowledge and skills to do so.
Your Building Your Personal Brand course includes:
Learning outcomes
In a competitive world that is growing bigger and badder by the day, it’s the individuals with strong personal brands who stand out. They are memorable, confident, and know how to get what they want.
And it’s not just the individuals who benefit from forming a strong personal brand; successful organisations recognise the value of this type of employee. One who can communicate effectively, represent them well, and ultimately contribute to the all-important company brand.
In a few short hours you will:
There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.
Who should attend?
Regardless of role, organisation, or industry, we all have a personal brand that should be carefully considered and nurtured. For this reason, we have designed and developed this course to suit individuals of all professional levels.
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Building Your Personal Brand


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