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Virtual Classroom Courses for Lean Six Sigma

LIVE Virtual Training available worldwide, anywhere, anytime
Our Virtual Courses combine the flexibility of online learning with the experience of a classroom course. Providing a perfect blend of live tutor-led sessions, breakout rooms, exercises and self study, we believe our new approach to learning Lean Six Sigma is a game changer.
We understand and appreciate the compromise delegates have to make to attend a face-to-face course; time away from home/work, travel, accommodation and the financial costs. Which is why we’ve designed a virtual alternative to our highly regarded classroom courses.
Virtual Classroom training
Virtual Green Belt Training
Live 5 day Virtual Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, including training, exam and certification.
Virtual Black Belt Training
Live 10 day Virtual Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course, including training, exam and certification.

What are the benefits?

Online training isn’t for everyone, you need to be self disciplined by setting time aside to learn and complete modules within an allotted time frame. However, with Virtual Training, your course is live and tutor led, in the same way as a classroom course. You know that you’ll be trained at the end of the final day, ready to take the exam.
Here are some of the key benefits to taking a Virtual Classroom course:
Same in-class learning – Our trainers cover the exact same structure and materials you’d see in our classroom courses, so you’re getting the same experience.
Convenient – You can login and learn from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a suitable device.
Cost effective – Not only are our Virtual Courses cheaper than our face-to-face equivalent, you will have no travel and accommodation costs either.
Real experts – Our tutors are experienced trainers, who regularly run classroom courses worldwide.
Interactive – Our virtual courses are designed to engage you, by means of interactive exercises and hands-on learning
Collaborate – Work with other delegates on virtual tasks, in the same way you would during our face-to-face courses.
Get to know each other – Our tutors always video share and we encourage delegates to share theirs too (optional of course). This helps break down virtual barriers and makes our courses more personal.

How does it work?

We use a browser based platform for our Virtual Courses, this means nothing to pre-install. Here are the steps involved when signing up to one of our Virtual Courses:
Choose your course

Choose and book the Lean Six Sigma course you wish to attend. Call 0800 066 3749 if you’re not sure which to take.


Before you attend the first live session, we’ll provide you with a user account to complete some pre-course reading.

Attend the course

You are now ready to sign into the Virtual Classroom, joining other delegates from around the world.

Exam & Post-course

After the Virtual Course, like our classroom courses, you’ll take the online exam and complete some post-course reading.

Which courses are available?

We are constantly adding more courses, and here are our most popular Virtual Classes available today:

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