Preparing for Interview and Appraisals Bundle

Improve your chances of success during interviews, assessments and appraisals with this collection of short courses.


Interview Skills, Body Language, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Active Listening Skills, Communication Skills.


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All courses are provided with certificates and exams.

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This Bundle of courses has been specifically created to help guide you through interviews and appraisals in a professional setting. Interviewing for jobs, negotiating a contract and undergoing assessments and appraisals at work can all be nerve wracking. In such a stressful environment, many of us don’t feel we show our best selves.

This bundle package contains courses that will help you build the skills and confidence you need to make the very best impression you can. Each course is optimised for all devices and can be accessed 24/7, so it can fit into even the busiest job-hunter’s schedule.

Five of the six courses includes are standalone courses too – so come with their own certificates and exams.

This bundle of courses is worth £180 (each course is £30 if bought on their own). 

For that you will get:

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This Preparing for Interview and Appraisals Bundle is made up of individual online courses, bringing together everything you need to succeed at interview. Each course has been designed independently to help you build a new skill, and together they will dramatically enhance your ability at interview and your confidence during assessments and appraisals.

  • Interviewing Skills: Learn how to plan for interview, how to act during an interview and how to follow up. Includes tips and what to expect from your interviewer.
  • Body Language: Become aware of the power of body language and how you can use it to improve your ability to communicate and influence others.
  • Presentation Skills: Create interesting and engaging presentations that are appropriate for your audience, and deliver them with confidence.
  • Negotiation Skills: Know how to get the most out negotiations, from daily discussions to major deliberations, by becoming a confident negotiator.
  • Active Listening Skills: Listening is essential to effective communication, but so few of us do it properly. This course will give you the skills to listen attentively.
  • Communication Skills: Learn how to communicate to ensure your message is received how you intended it, reducing conflict and increasing engagement.

The Preparing for Interview and Appraisals package allows you to gain the skills you need to succeed in your career progression. It’s an investment in certain areas of your professional life that will allow you to shine when it really counts.

Interviews, assessments and appraisals can be challenging, but you can approach them with confidence if you have the skills to present yourself well, negotiate for what you deserve and communicate effectively.

By completing the courses you will:

  • Learn how to listen properly, and communicate effectively
  • Learn how to present yourself at interview
  • Gain the skills to give an engaging presentation, no matter who your audience are
  • Develop your ability to negotiate calmly and confidently
  • Understand how body language conveys a message, and take control of what you say
  • Significantly increase your confidence

You will receive CPD points for each course you complete, and most also come with a certificate so you can prove your newly-developed skills.

None of the courses included in the Preparing for Interview and Appraisals Bundle have prerequisites.

Who should attend?

The Preparing for Interview and Appraisals Bundle has been created for professionals at the start of their career, or returning after a break. It is particularly beneficial to those who:

  • Need a confidence boost to aid their interview performance.
  • Want to improve their career outlook and in-work performance.
  • Believe they’re not currently showcasing their skills and talents effectively.
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Preparing for Interview and Assessment Bundle
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