Learn to develop, motivate, and guide others to success
Behind almost all great success stories is an effective coach. The person who has provided the guidance, support and expertise necessary to ensure that the individual, or team, makes it all the way to the top.
This online Coaching Skills Training course will help you become that all-important individual. From tips and tools for creating a successful coaching structure to knowledge that will build your coaching intuition, this course will serve as an essential toolkit for guiding people towards professional success and improved performance.
Your training will be delivered through our market-leading eLearning. This consists of interactive and engaging content designed to optimise your learning. Our eLearning can be accessed on any device, so you can take your Coaching Skills Training wherever you have an internet connection. While the course duration depends on the learning pace of each individual, we recommend allowing for up to five hours’ study time.

To ensure your coaching skills continue throughout your career, you will also receive our lifetime support.

About this course
A coach is an invaluable person with the power to develop and guide both individuals and teams to success. More and more organisations are recognising the benefits of having such inspiring and supportive people as part of their team, and are investing in the development of coaching skills within their organisation.
This two hour Coaching Skills Training course begins by exploring the role and responsibilities of a coach and helps you perform a personal assessment of your current coaching abilities. You will then be provided with the knowledge, tools and techniques to develop into an effective and adaptable coach. This includes all the essentials of coaching, from models and structures for creating successful coaching plans to the development of your coaching intuition; that voice that tells coaches what to say, how to say it, and when to say nothing at all.

On completion of this course, you will be confident in your abilities as a coach and be ready to start helping people achieve success. What’s more, to ensure your continued success as a coach, you will have access to our 100% Effective lifetime support.

What will I learn?
This Coaching Skills Training course will provide you with the skills, knowledge and tools of an effective coach. You will know how to get the most out of both individuals and teams, and be able to motivate and guide them to reach their full potential.
Our Coaching Skills Training includes the following topics:
This training course is delivered online using our market-leading eLearning and includes interactive quizzes and an exam at the end to cement your learning.
Learning outcomes
By improving your coaching skills, you will develop valuable personal and professional attributes. You will increase your communication skills, emotional intelligence, leadership qualities, adaptability and much more.
Individuals with effective coaching skills make great leaders and invaluable employees as they not only help their colleagues identify their own personal motivations, but also align them to the overarching goals of a business. Their presence and influence results in a united, happy and productive team.
Following the course you will:
There are no prerequisites for taking this Coaching Skills Training course.
Who should attend?
This Coaching Skills Training course is designed to develop people into adaptable coaches that can guide and support all types of individuals. As such, it is suitable for people in all professions and industries.
The course will particularly benefit those in positions of leadership who wish to help those in their team reach their full potential. For further clarification as to whether this course is appropriate for you, please contact us.
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