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Lean Six Sigma Coaching

One-to-one coaching for individuals, businesses and leaders

Lean Six Sigma Coaching

One-to-one coaching provides extra support to complement our online, virtual, in-house and classroom training. All our coaches are Master Black Belts with years of experience across all major industries, so you’ll get practical support and advice to suit your individual circumstances. Leaders can gain support when designing and deploying Lean Six Sigma and Green, Black and Master Black belts can grow with expert guidance.  It is also an excellent way to keep motivated to certify fully as a Lean Six Sigma Green, Black or Master Black Belt. 

Lean Six Sigma Coaching Your Way

We can provide one-to-one coaching face-to-face or virtually.  Many companies chose to provide coaching for their Lean Six Sigma Green, Black or Master Black belts and managers via purchasing a bank of hours and using them as required. 

Whatever way you choose to have your coaching delivered; you’ll always benefit from the one-to-one support of a dedicated Master Black Belt. They follow a tried and tested approach to get the most from your session. Each meeting has a clear set of goals and objectives to ensure that every minute with your Master Black Belt is as effective as possible.

During each hour-long session, your coach will work with you to answer questions and provide coaching.  They will also review your project or certification progress, provide advice to support your implementations, review your data collection and analysis and provide feedback on a one-to-one basis to help you grow. 

100% Effective Coaching

Our Master Black Belts are world-class experts in Business Improvement. Their skills include leadership, advanced statistics, change management, and in-depth knowledge of DMAIC and Design for any sector. They have implemented Business Improvement in almost every industry in companies big and small so know how to help. Coaching is planned, focused and followed up in a way that adds value and delivers tangible results.

What are the benefits of Lean Six Sigma Coaching?

  • Lean Six Sigma delegates who receive coaching are 90% more likely to certify
  • Lean Six Sigma Coaching helps to increase skill transfer after training, helping embed a culture of Business Improvement
  • Projects or initiatives carried out with expert support are more likely to be successful
  • Delegates gain the confidence and skills to put in place more complete and robust solutions
  • It demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to continuous improvement
  • Obtain answers, support with data, change and influencing strategies as well as personal development advice and support
  • Be driven and increase focus to certify and complete projects.  Let your Lean Six Sigma coach motivate you. 

Where do we run our training courses?

In the UK (London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, York, Leeds, Birmingham), Germany, Netherlands, USA, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France, Sweden and Denmark.

How many Lean Six Sigma Coaching sessions should I book?

Recommended Virtual coaching sessions

No of Sessions

Green Belts

3 sessions

Black Belts

5 sessions

Master Black Belts

5 sessions

Leaders / Managers deploying

5 sessions


2 sessions

Cost of 100% Effective Coaching

Our virtual sessions can be purchased and used when you need them.  Purchase today so you have the security that you can talk to a dedicated Master Black Belt when you need them.  If companies wish to purchase face to face sessions please contact us for pricing. 

No of Sessions


1 session


3 sessions


5 sessions


10 sessions



Included in all coaching sessions

  • Dedicated Master Black Belt available when you need them
  • Full summary of your coaching session – objective, actions and any recommended further learning required
  • Practical real-life advice from seasoned experts
  • Access to eLearning courses to support your development
  • Personal development action plans
  • Email and phone support

What are the benefits?

With its focus on data-driven decision making and structured approach, Lean Six Sigma training is a requirement for an increasing number of roles.

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