In last week’s insight, Bespoke eLearning: To buy or not to buy, we tried to guide you through one of the earliest but often most difficult decisions in the eLearning purchasing process; whether to buy tailor-made eLearning or select a pre-existing course straight from the shelf.

Hopefully, the insight helped you come to the right conclusion for you and your organisation, but if you’re still a little stuck, we’re here to help again. This time, with a quick questionnaire! 

Just like the questionnaires found in magazines, simply follow the path most appropriate for you. In just a few moments, you will land on the eLearning option best suited to the needs of you and your organisation – so, just give it a go!

Should you buy or build your eLearning?

If you’re still not sure you’ve come to the right conclusion and need a little more help, just get in touch. As providers of eLearning that can be bought off-the-shelf and also customised to your needs, as well as being bespoke eLearning developers, we have plenty of experience helping organisations find the best fit for them.

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