From webinars educating you on what good quality eLearning looks like to our buying guides to bespoke, we make it part of our mission to provide you with the information you need to choose the right online training for you. So, this week we have another insight to help guide you through the wonderful but ever-changing world of eLearning.

And this time, we are bringing it back to basics.  

With such a wide range of off-the-shelf options available and bespoke eLearning becoming increasingly affordable, it has come to our attention that now even the earliest step in the eLearning buying journey can bring difficult decisions. No longer is it as simple as deciding online training is right for you and then seeking out the right provider with the content you need; now you must weigh up whether or not you need that content to be tailored, and to what extent.

As both eLearning developers and providers of market-leading off-the-shelf eLearning courses, we know that both options have a lot to offer. This also means we are perfectly positioned to give you expert and unbiased advice on what to ask yourself when deciding between the two.

eLearning: What’s right for you?

Whether you’re an L&D manager with years of experience or a business owner just coming to terms with the reality that classroom training isn’t always the best way, if you’re looking to buy eLearning you probably have a clear idea of the type of content you want. But unless that topic is so niche that you have no option but to buy bespoke, you will have to eventually decide between developing your own eLearning or buying off-the-shelf.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here are the three questions that will lead you to the right choice. By considering each of these questions equally, and in conjunction with one another, you will come to the best decision for you and your organisation: 

How much time do you have?

eLearning question. While eLearning advancements mean that the creation of bespoke eLearning is the fastest it has ever been, off-the-shelf training will always remain the best option for the time-poor. As long as you invest some time in selecting the right course for your organisation, off-the-shelf options allow you to implement your new training almost immediately and start to feel the benefits much sooner.  

If time is a restricting factor but you still feel you need at least a certain level of tailoring, our eLearning experts at 100% Effective are happy to work with you to adapt our existing content to meet your needs. This takes significantly less time than the development of an entirely bespoke course, while still giving you many of the associated benefits of completely tailor-made training. 

What do you want to achieve?

Whatever typeLearning question. e of training it is you are looking to provide for your organisation, you must be clear on your desired outcomes.  

For example, if you want to provide your senior team members with Change Management training so they can confidently lead your organisation through Business Improvement changes and periods of uncertainty, then you may be able to find ready-made content that meets your needs exactly. Our 100% Effective off-the-shelf training courses have been designed so that learning can be absorbed and applied to almost all industries. As such, investing in the development of the same course specifically for your business may be an unnecessary luxury.

On the other hand, your needs may be too specific to settle for an off-the-shelf option. In many cases, organisations looking to provide compliance training to their workers across an organisation find the topics explored in off-the-shelf courses to be too generic. While they cover all the legally required compliance topics, such as health and safety in the workplace, they are unable to communicate the specific requirements of an organisation. Trying to use an off-the-shelf option to meet such unique requirements can lead to many issues such as inconsistency on how procedures are carried out, confusion between workers, and even health and safety breaches.

What is your budget?

Of course, oneLearning question. e of the essential factors to consider when making any purchase is budget.

When it comes to choosing eLearning, those with a smaller budget often dismiss the option of bespoke eLearning all too quickly. But, bespoke eLearning is becoming an increasingly affordable option and you may be surprised at just how much customisation you can afford. So, before limiting your eLearning opportunities, be sure to enquire with the provider.

That being said, bespoke eLearning from a quality provider will, of course, cost more than an off-the-shelf alternative. And if you have come across a provider that is offering you eLearning development for less than the price of a high-quality off-the-shelf eLearning course, then it is unlikely to be effective eLearning at all. Yes, you may have found a guy online who will provide you with a customised car for less money than the mass-produced model being sold at your registered car dealer, but is it really worth the risk?

Still not sure which to choose?

Training is all about providing people with access to the resources and information necessary to develop, in a way that makes it easy for them to then confidently apply their new knowledge and skills in the real world. As such, it’s vital you invest time and effort when deciding what type of training will do that most effectively.

If you’re still confused or uncertain about the type of eLearning that’s right for you and your organisation, our team will be happy to talk you through your options until you are confident in your decision – just get in touch. You can also visit our eLearning development page to learn more about our bespoke services, or explore our library of online courses.

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