Interviews are some of the most stressful situations we can encounter. The interviewer seems to hold all the cards and it can seem more like an interrogation, where you have no control of the outcome. However, interviews should be two-sided. After all, if you do get offered the job you want to ensure you’ll be happy there. But, it can be difficult to feel you have any power in the situation when you lack confidence, or if you’ve been job-seeking for a while without any success.

So let’s take a closer look at the interview process in this infographic below.

preparing for interview infographic

By looking at these figures you can see that interviewees have a lot of power, should they choose to take it. We can see that first impressions are important, so job-seekers should enter the interview room with confidence, smile and shake their interviewer/s hand. They should do what they can to avoid making a bad impression – being late, wearing crumpled or dirty clothes and not being prepared are big no-nos.

Another thing job-seekers can do to give themselves a great chance is to do their research about the company. This works in two ways – firstly it gives you information which will help you decide if the company is the kind of place you want to work. But, secondly, it will help you ask questions that show your understanding of the role and the company, and help to maintain conversation during the interview.

We can also see that if you are offered the role, you should feel able to negotiate an employment package that works for you. Remember that they need your skills, so they should compensate you for them. It is a partnership – you provide your specific skills, and in return they provide a salary and benefits. As the infographic shows, failure to negotiate could be costing you a huge amount in the long run. Negotiation is a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained: if they cannot move from the initial package they offered then you haven’t lost anything. But, on the flip side, they might offer you benefits that you wouldn’t have received if you’d not asked for them.

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