As they say, a comfort zone is a wonderful place but nothing ever grows there. So while you may be hoping that this is the year you get promoted, if you have not stretched yourself in a while then it’s unlikely you will make a significant step up the career ladder anytime soon.

Comfort zone.

For those wanting to progress, it is time to identify the areas in need of improvement and then invest in some form of training. This will require time, effort and money. For a fortunate few, the financial cost of this will be covered by their employer but, with tight training budgets to compete with, this may not always be an option.

In such situations, it’s up to you to take matters into your own hands. You will need to make the effort, find the time and even foot the bill. This commitment to development is likely what has put you off in the first place, but trust us when we say it will be a small price to pay for career progression.

The benefits of investing in yourself

Your drive will be recognised

Actions speak louder than words, and investing in your own development speaks volumes about your drive and determination. Amongst the many who have put themselves forward for a promoStand out from the crowd. tion, you will be the one who has gone the extra mile. Beyond ensuring you have the necessary skills for the role or gaining the certification to prove you already possess them, you will also have displayed that all important attribute of initiative.

Not only will this attitude to training help you stand out from the crowd, it is likely to open up funded training opportunities in the future; if your employer sees you are willing to invest in yourself, they will be more inclined to invest in you too.

You will gain confidenceWatering confidence plant.

Promotions aren’t all about pay rises and new job titles; they will almost always require you to increase your responsibilities and take on new tasks. For example, the position may be one of leadership – something you have had little to no experience of and have not had an opportunity to explore.

While your gut may tell you you’re ready, by taking high-quality professional leadership training, you will have the knowledge necessary to take on such a challenge, and the certification to prove it. This will not only give you the confidence that you are ready for such responsibilities, but will also those in the decision-making chair.

You will be prepared for the unknown

If you carefully consider not only what skills you need right now but also those that you may need in the future, you will receive a much greater return on your investment. Your training will notBlog-seeds-for-future only put you in a great position to gain the promotions of today but will prepare you to take on the opportunities of the distant tomorrow!

So what type of training should you be investing in? 

A report from The World Economic Forum, called The Future of Jobs, gives us a strong prediction of the skills that will be required for almost all roles by 2020. Among these are many professional soft skills such as active listening, negotiation skills, and time management. By investing in such skills now, you can begin to develop your career now, while best preparing yourself for the future.

But can you afford it?

In a professional world where competition continues to increase and new industries are popping up as quickly as old roles are becoming redundant, standing still is no longer an option. In fact, with a third of all skills necessary for most jobs in 2020 predicted to be those not even currently considered crucial, standing still is almost as good as going backwards.

So, if you are considering investing in professional development, the question no longer seems to be whether you can afford to invest in yourself, but whether you can afford not to.

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