Understanding the voice of your customer is essential for all businesses, regardless of industry or sector. If you’re delivering a product or service, even if it’s not- for-profit, it pays to understand what your customers need.
But remember, your customers are not just the people using your product or service, they are your employees and your regulators.
This course is delivered online via our market-leading eLearning. You’ll learn firsthand how to complete a Voice of the Customer exercise by exploring the process with activities, animations and in-course tasks. While most people finish the course within one hour, we recommend you allow up to two hours to complete your Voice of the Customer training, including exercises.

As this training is fully mobile optimised, you won’t be tied to your desk – you can complete it on tablets and laptops too. In fact, you can learn about Voice of the Customer anywhere you have an internet connection.

About this course
Voice of the Customer training is essential to help you understand how to define success within your organisation. This course provides huge benefits to the companies that implement it by giving them a starting point to improve and illustrating what their customers value.
It also explores the importance of customer segmentation, and how certain key segments could provide the most value to your business, despite being the smallest. The five-hour interactive online course also reminds learners that it is not just those who use our products and services that are our customers; we must also recognise the customers inside our organisations and regulators.
Following the course you will feel confident in your ability to collect customer data, understand what your customers are saying and make clear, considered plans for improvement based on the results. You’ll be able to identify your complacency gap, and see where you’re currently doing things wrong.

Once you have completed the online training, you can certify by completing our exam.

What will I learn?
This Voice of the Customer course gives you an understanding of the key drivers and desires of your customers. It is essential training for those in a Business Improvement, customer service or marketing role.
Our Voice of the Customer training includes the following:
Learning outcomes
Understanding the voice of your customer is one of the most vital components of any Business Improvement activity. However, it is also an essential tool for anyone looking to review and improve customer service and retention.
A good understanding of Voice of the Customer will help you identify what is important, or valuable, to the customer so that you can make clear steps towards improving that. It gives you a clear starting point and an appreciation of why your customers like or dislike your service.
Following the course you will be able to:
There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.
Who should attend?
Voice of the Customer is an essential exercise for all businesses no matter what industry or sector they are in. For that reason, this course is appropriate for all, but is particularly important for those in an improvement role such as Business Improvement managers, marketers and those in customer relations roles.
If you’d like further clarification about whether or not to take this course, please get in touch.
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