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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are an important part of every business. Leaving no room for confusion, these step-by-step instructions are designed to ensure best practice is consistently used when performing everyday routines, keeping quality, safety and satisfaction levels high. All too often, however, these all-important instructions are circulated as poorly written documents or inconsistent training courses. Unsurprisingly, this means that SOPs are being ignored, forgotten or misunderstood.

SOP eLearning from 100% Effective means you can deliver your Standard Operating Procedures in a standardised and effective way. Harnessing the educational benefits of eLearning, this unique solution sees your SOPs communicated via interactive modules created specifically for your company. They are designed to truly engage your team in SOP training and ensure they understand the what, whys and hows behind important procedures

The results of using this well-loved and effective form of training is ultimately the successful application of your company’s Standard Operating Procedures. While this will mean different benefits for different businesses, overall, organisations can expect decreased variation; increased productivity; higher quality levels and more satisfied internal and external customers.

The SOP Course will help wiith:

The Standard Operating Procedures course covers the following topics:
Our trainers are experts

– As experts in business improvement we have supported clients on 5 continents to map and improve processes. We have trained thousands of delegates in the art of process mapping.

Added Value

– No matter your learning method you will receive access to our eLearning course for 1 month allowing your to retake the course over and over again. This is highly valuable when you run your first sessions

Lifetime support

– All our courses come with unlimited support via phone or email. When you have a problem or need support our Master Black Belts will help you.

Highly practical training

– All our training options provide practical training from experts who have been there, seen it and done it. We will enrich the training with stories, examples and experiences to answer your questions.

100% Effective certification is included in the price and requires completion of our online exam. Our process:

  • End of course exam – understand the theory
  • Multiple choice 20 questions
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Open book covering full curriculum 
  • Pass mark = 70% (our pass rate is 90% first time)
  • Validate your certification – all certificates come with a unique number so employers can validate your certificate
  • Certification for life! There’s no need to pay to re-certify after a number of years

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


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