How to prioritise your criteria and needs to select the best solution
There’s a huge focus on prioritising time and tasks at work to become more efficient. But what happens when you’ve already identified which tasks need to be improved, and then need to work out the best way to move forward?
This short eLearning course teaches you the key skills you need when it comes to prioritising for problem-solving. You can complete the course in one hour, although you should allow up to two as duration depends on your pace of learning. You’ll get access for a full month.
You’ll learn how to organise your ideas for improvement, how to prioritise them and then how you should select the best one for your criteria and circumstances.
All eLearning is optimised for desktops, laptops and tablets, and contains exercises and quizzes to ensure you gain the practical skills you need. You’ll complete an exam after the course and, if you pass, will receive a certificate illustrating your new skills for prioritising.
This course has a British English voiceover and comes with unlimited email and phone support.
About this course
A lot of training that teaches us how to prioritise focuses on workload or time, however most professionals will understand that this is not the only pressing need for prioritisation. Whether you’re in the creative industry and regularly brainstorm ideas, or work in Business Improvement with potential solutions, knowing which is the best option is challenging. This is when prioritising is essential.
During this course you’ll learn the key skills you need to prioritise a list to select the best solution. You’ll explore the way you currently select ideas or solutions, and identify the issues or problems involved.
Over the course of the hour, you’ll be introduced to tools used in prioritisation and problem-solving as well as the best way to use them. These tools are simple to use in any context and many people find they can also help with time management and workload in their professional and private lives too!
What will I learn?
This course is not about prioritising your workload or your time management although you can use some of the tools for that. It is about understanding how to prioritise a list of solutions or ideas in order to select the best one.
This course will give you everything you need to effectively prioritise solutions and ideas. It includes:
This training course is delivered online using our market-leading eLearning and includes interactive quizzes and an exam at the end to consolidate your learning.
Learning outcomes
During this course you will learn how to prioritise, as well as some key ways to improve your prioritising. Following the training you’ll be better equipped to prioritise a list of ideas, solutions or comments based on criteria that you know is important to you, the team or the company.
After the training you will:
There are no prerequisites to this Prioritising in Problem-Solving course.
Who should attend?
This Prioritising in Problem-Solving training is suitable for people at all levels. It is appropriate for all industries and sectors, however it is most suitable for those who regularly need to prioritise ideas, solutions or lists in their day-to-day work such as those in the creative industries and people whose jobs involve Business Improvement.
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