22 courses to ensure you stand out in the competitive world of the professional workplace.


You will receive a complete package of courses worth over £630. That’s over £430 off the standard price!
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We have created our online Personal Development Package so that those looking to become 100% effective in their professional lives can do so conveniently and affordably.
Including 22 interactive eLearning courses, the package provides all the essential knowledge and professional skills you need to stand out in the workplace. Each course is optimised for all devices and can be accessed 24/7, making it a learning experience that can fit into even the busiest professional’s schedule!
What will I learn?
Our Personal Development Package is made up of individual online courses. Each has been designed and developed independently and is a high-quality learning experience in its own right.
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Learning outcomes
The Personal Development Package is an investment in essential areas of professional life that will continue to benefit you wherever your career takes you. You will gain knowledge and professional skills that not only enable you to thrive and advance in the workplace, but also help you to stand out in the competitive crowd.
By purchasing the courses as part of the Personal Development Package, you will receive a discount off the original value of all courses.

We provide a certificate for each course so you can prove your range of professional skills.

None of the courses included in the Personal Development Package have prerequisites.
Who should attend?
The Personal Development Package has been created for professionals of all areas of life. Those who will particularly benefit are:

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