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Value Stream Mapping is an important tool to help your business or department to improve. By accurately mapping the process, and identifying where the value and waste in that process are, you can work with the teams involved to make it better. As with many tools found in Lean Six Sigma, this approach has its foundations in working with people to build an improvement culture, rather than simply imposing a change.

Following this eLearning course, you will have confidence with Value Stream Mapping. You’ll have the skills to accurately create a Current State Map, and understand how to mark up your Value Stream Map in order to identify areas for improvement. You’ll gain an understanding of how to manage your process to match customer demand, and how to plan for the future without overstretching.

Each element is clearly explained and you’ll have a number of practical exercises to complete in order to embed your learning. However, you don’t need any prior experience of Value Stream Mapping or Business Improvement to complete this course.

While this is a short course, and focussed on one particular element of improvement, it is extremely beneficial to understand how we can identify opportunities within our workplaces. You’ll learn how to map any process, and then walk through it to identify where the value is and where you could improve – a vital skill in any industry.

Following the completion of the Value Stream Mapping training, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the Value Stream and why we need to map it
  • Have the skills to create a Value Stream Map
  • Be able to use the current state Map to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Have a framework for creating a future state Map
  • Have a clear understanding of how to create, and use, an action plan

After the course, you’ll benefit from 100% Effective’s Lifetime Support and have the confidence to begin Value Stream Mapping immediately.

Value Stream Mapping is a vital business methodology that leads to reduced costs and improved quality. Familiarity with the methodologies and processes is important for a range of roles, not just those with operational applications.

This Value Stream Mapping training will give you the skills you need to confidently complete a Value Stream Map for any process. You’ll learn how to identify your process, how to create the Value Stream Map and how to mark it up with areas for improvement.

It includes the following topics:

  • What is a Value Stream?
  • What is a Value Stream Map (VSM)?
  • The typical VSM layout
  • Common VSM symbols
  • Steps to create the VSM
  • Mapping the process flow
  • Compiling the map
  • Measurements for your VSM
  • Calculating and recording information
  • Measuring the end-to-end process
  • Exploring split cycle time
  • Considering value adding and non-value adding time
  • Identifying Kaizen events and projects for Takt Time
  • Creating continuous flow
  • Using visually managed queues
  • How to find manpower improvement opportunities
  • Identifying opportunities for quality improvements
  • Explore a marked-up current state Map
  • Creating a future state Map
  • Developing an action plan

Online Value Mapping Overview

Value Stream Mapping is a key tool for understanding how your process works, and for identifying areas for improvement. With 100% Effective, you can learn everything you need to confidently complete a Value Stream Map in just five hours.

Our market-leading eLearning allows you to learn the key elements, and then put them into practice straight away through a series of interactive games and exercises. You’ll explore how to identify your value stream, map the process and then how to identify opportunities to cut waste and improve quality.

Online training gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and in your own time, and with a month’s access to complete the training, you’ll have plenty of time to become an expert in your new skills!

All of our interactive eLearning is optimised for mobiles and tablets, so you can learn anywhere you have an internet connection.

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In House Value Mapping Overview

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