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Online Conflict Resolution Training

It’s not possible for everyone to agree all the time. It’s important to learn how to manage disagreements so that they do not harm relationships. By learning skills to manage conflict, you can approach disagreements with confidence to enable you to manage your relationships.
About this course
The Conflict Resolution course is designed to help you develop your conflict resolution skills. Through interactive exercises and activities, you will learn a range of skills to help you understand how conflict happens, how emotions come into play, and how to manage conflict effectively.
The Conflict Resolution course is optimised for all devices and takes approximately 30 minutes of study to complete. For the best learning experience, we recommend taking the training in several sittings. With one months’ access to the material, you will have plenty of time to study and revisit the content. To ensure continued success, you will also have access to our lifetime support.
What will I learn?
This course will help you to develop the skills and confidence required to deal with conflicts in the workplace.
The Conflict Resolution course covers the following topics:
Learning outcomes
This course will help you develop a range of conflict management skills that you can utilise to resolve disagreements and conflicts in the workplace.
The Conflict Resolution course will help you to:
There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.
Who should attend?
This course offers general tips and suggestions specifically developed in the context of professional development, and should not replace medical advice if you think low self-worth is having a significant, damaging impact on your work or relationships.
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Online Conflict Resolution Training


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