Take charge of your career with this package deal of courses that can make you more effective and successful at work.

This bundle of courses has been specifically designed to provide you with a toolkit for becoming the most effective professional you can be. If you’re just starting out in your career, or think your trajectory has stalled and want to get back on track, this bundle package is for you.

With nine individual courses, each aimed at improving a specific skill, this Making Yourself More Effective at Work bundle has everything you need to shine in the workplace. Each course is optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet devices and can be accessed 24/7 – so training for success can fit into even the busiest schedules!

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By purchasing this course you get a complete package of courses, worth a total of £240, for just £119! That’s a saving of 50%!

For that you will get:


Save 50% when you purchase this bundle, compared to buying the 9 courses separately.


Facilitation of Effective Meetings, Negotiation Skills, Time Management, Communication Skills, Active Listening Skills, Presentation Skills, Networking for Success, Self-Esteem and Assertiveness, Building your Personal Brand


This bundle is only £119. Saving you over £120.


You’ll get access to all 9 courses for 3 months. Start learning today.

This Making Yourself More Effective at Work Bundle is made up of individual courses that are combined into a truly powerful package. Each is a standalone qualification, so you can take them all, or pick the ones you want.

Click on each to explore more about what the course includes:

Just like Lean itself, the training courses are applicable to any industry and have varied examples throughout to show the adaptability of the method. The courses are interactive and highly engaging, and all content has been designed by our experienced Lean Masters.

The Making Yourself More Effective at Work Bundle is an investment in your future and your career. It provides you with the skills to confidently present, lead and negotiate. It will help you communicate more effectively, and listen more accurately. This bundle will also help you learn how to market yourself, so you can be more successful in the long run, by building up your self-esteem, teaching you how to network and giving you the information you need on how to create your own personal brand.

Combined, these courses will help you be the most effective you can be, and give you all the tools you need for success in the workplace. Plus, they come with a significant discount compared to buying separately.

By completing the bundle you will:

None of the courses included in the Making Yourself More Effective at Work Bundle have prerequisites.

Who should attend?

This bundle has been created for people who are at the start of their career, or those who think they’ve become stuck in a rut and need something to give them the confidence to push for more. You’ll learn how to present yourself well, and improve your confidence and communication skills.

These making yourself more effective courses were handpicked by our experts

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