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You can take the Black Belt Upgrade as an online training course, even if you originally took your Green Belt in the classroom. Our eLearning gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace and allows you to revisit challenging topics until you feel confident moving on.
As well as the interactive online training, there are also plenty of exercises and downloadable materials so you’re not tied to your computer screen. The course takes around 65 hours to complete, which includes 35 hours of eLearning and exercises as well as a minimum of 30 hours for your project work (assuming you only need to complete one).
The course is optimised for both tablets and desktop computers, and comes with a British English voiceover.
You’ll get unlimited email support with this course, so you won’t need to worry about learning on your own. Book now to take the next step in your Lean Six Sigma career.
About this course

Upgrade Your Lean Six Sigma Journey with Black Belt Training!

If you’ve already achieved Green Belt certification and aspire to reach new heights, our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade training course is tailor-made for you. Designed to elevate your problem-solving skills and expand your knowledge, this course will empower you to become a certified Black Belt.

Refresh Your Skills for Success:

We understand the importance of building a solid foundation. Before embarking on the Black Belt Upgrade course, we kindly request all delegates to refresh their memory of key tools and techniques. This ensures that you’re fully equipped to make the most of the advanced training.

Prove Your Green Belt Expertise:

To enrol in this course, we require proof of adequate Green Belt training. If you’ve completed your Green Belt training with us, the process is seamless. Simply submit your application, and we’ll expedite your enrolment in the Black Belt Upgrade course. For those who trained with another provider, we kindly request evidence of training and completion of project work.

Flexible Learning Options:

We understand that everyone has unique preferences and needs when it comes to learning. That’s why we offer multiple learning modes to suit your convenience. You can choose to learn online, in a traditional classroom setting, or even have us bring the training to your location. The choice is yours!

Confidently Tackle Complex Challenges:

Upon successful completion of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade, you’ll emerge with the confidence and expertise to effectively run and manage complex, cross-functional problems. Our comprehensive training will equip you with advanced methodologies to ensure long-lasting solutions and prevent issues from resurfacing.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Elevate your Lean Six Sigma journey and unlock new possibilities by enrolling in our Black Belt Upgrade training course today. Get ready to conquer challenges with confidence and become a driving force for continuous improvement.

Enrol now and embrace the path to becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt!

What will I learn?

Unleash Your Full Potential as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt!


Becoming a successful Lean Six Sigma Black Belt requires a unique blend of technical expertise and exceptional social skills to drive meaningful change. Our comprehensive training program not only covers the DMAIC-based framework but also focuses on developing the necessary soft skills to ensure your success in this influential role.


Building on Your Green Belt Foundation:

Congratulations on completing the training necessary to achieve Green Belt certification! The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade course seamlessly continues your journey from where you left off. Prepare to delve into advanced tools, techniques, and strategies for tackling complex problems, while also honing your soft skills to effectively influence and lead at all levels.


Unlock Your Full Potential:

By completing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade, you’ll unlock your full potential as a leader and problem solver. Equipped with advanced methodologies and a refined set of soft skills, you’ll have the tools to drive meaningful change and make a lasting impact in your organisation.


Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your Lean Six Sigma expertise to new heights. Enrol in our Black Belt Upgrade course today and embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth.


Prepare to conquer complex challenges and become an influential force for positive change in your organisation. Enrol now and seize the path to becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt!


Content list of topics 

Introduction and Define Phase 

  • Introduction and Administration – Completion date
  • DMAIC Roadmap
  • Identifying a LSS project
  • Setting up your project / case study for certification
  • Introduction to Communications
  • Communications Planning & Strategy 

Measure Phase 

  • Kano
  • QFD
  • FMEA – What is FMEA?
  • FMEA – Templates
  • FMEA – A Quick Look
  • Define Phase Summary
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping Part Two
  • Introduction to Minitab
  • Process Metrics
  • Sampling
  • MSA Key Characteristics
  • MSA Continuous Data
  • MSA Attribute Data
  • Advanced MSA
  • Measure Summary

Analyse Phase 

  • Statistical Analysis – Confidence Intervals
  • Hypothesis Testing – 1 Sample Tests
  • Hypothesis Testing – 2 Sample Tests
  • Hypothesis Testing – Testing more than Two
  • ANOVA Regular Routine (F Table)
  • Hypothesis Testing – Chi Square Tests
  • Non Parametric Statistics: Part 1
  • Non Parametric Statistics: Part 2
  • Non Parametric Statistics: Part 3
  • Multiple Regression: Roadmap
  • Multiple Regression: Case Study 
  • Multiple Regression: Appendix
  • Multiple Regression: Exercises
  • Analyse Summary

Improve Phase 

  • SMED – Single Minute Exchange of Die
  • TPM – Total Productive Maintenance
  • OEE
  • Little’s Law
  • Kaizen
  • DOE – What is Experimentation?
  • DOE – Full Factorial Experiments
  • DOE – Utilising Minitab
  • DOE – How DOEs are Analysed
  • DOE – Road Map
  • DOE – A Full Scale Example
  • Improve Summary

Control Phase 

  • Control Phase Overview
  • Standardisation and Training
  • The Control Plan
  • Confirming Improvement
  • Closing Out
  • Control Summary

Change Management and Implementation skills 

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Kurt Lewin Three Phase Model
  • The Change Curve
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Influencing Skills Part 1
  • Influencing Skills Part 2
  • Lean Six Sigma Summary
Learning outcomes

Upgrade to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Unlock Greater Opportunities!

Gain invaluable skills to solve complex and strategically important workplace issues by taking the Black Belt Upgrade. As an experienced Black Belt, you can earn over £70,000 and deliver significant benefits to your employer. Research shows that Black Belt projects provide an impressive return on investment of seven to one, surpassing Green Belt projects at five to one.

Upon completion of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade, you will:

  • Utilise DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma to drive improvements across various functions
  • Employ data analysis to identify root causes of problems
  • Apply Lean Six Sigma principles, tools, and techniques while effectively explaining concepts to others
  • Lead teams in solving intricate and strategic problems
  • Understand and implement organisational change
  • Gather and utilise Voice of the Customer data successfully
  • Collect and analyse data accurately to support informed decision-making
  • Develop and implement sustainable solutions using advanced methodologies
  • Obtain Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification to elevate your professional standing

At 100% Effective, we adhere to industry best practices for certification. You will demonstrate your comprehension of Lean Six Sigma at the Black Belt level by successfully completing a minimum of two projects. One of these projects can be the one you previously completed as a Green Belt if it meets the required criteria.

Our certification process, aligned with industry standards, ensures that future employers and practitioners recognise your expertise. Rest assured that our CSSC Accredited Black Belt™ program includes 100% Effective certification, requiring completion of our online exam and presentation of two completed DMAIC projects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills, boost your earning potential, and solidify your professional status. Enrol in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade today and embark on a transformative journey towards excellence.

Achieve certification and unlock new career prospects with 100% Effective!


To enrol in this course, it is essential that you have previously completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and obtained certification through a completed project.

Upon purchase, if you have not completed your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with 100% Effective, our team will reach out to you to request evidence of your previous qualification. Access to the course materials will only be granted once your eligibility has been confirmed.

Who Should Attend

This Black Belt Upgrade training is specifically designed for professionals who have already undergone Green Belt training. It is ideal for individuals who hold senior responsibilities in change management projects or aspire to take on such responsibilities in a new role.

If you are uncertain about which course is right for you, we encourage you to visit our “Which Course?” page, where you can find more information. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to our experienced team at 0800 066 3749 or use our convenient live chat option for personalised assistance.

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