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Improve your chances of success during interviews, assessments and appraisals with this collection of short courses.
This Bundle of courses has been specifically created to help guide you through interviews and appraisals in a professional setting. Interviewing for jobs, negotiating a contract and undergoing assessments and appraisals at work can all be nerve wracking. In such a stressful environment, many of us don’t feel we show our best selves.

Five of the six courses includes are standalone courses too – so come with their own certificates and exams.

This bundle of courses is worth £180 (each course is £30 if bought on their own). 

For that you will get:


Interview Skills, Body Language, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Active Listening Skills, Communication Skills.


This Bundle is currently £59.99 including vat.

WAS £180

When buying these courses separately, it would cost you £180.


All courses are provided with certificates and exams.

About this bundle
This Preparing for Interview and Appraisals Bundle is made up of individual online courses, bringing together everything you need to succeed at interview. Each course has been designed independently to help you build a new skill, and together they will dramatically enhance your ability at interview and your confidence during assessments and appraisals.
Learning outcomes
The Preparing for Interview and Appraisals package allows you to gain the skills you need to succeed in your career progression. It’s an investment in certain areas of your professional life that will allow you to shine when it really counts.

Interviews, assessments and appraisals can be challenging, but you can approach them with confidence if you have the skills to present yourself well, negotiate for what you deserve and communicate effectively.

By completing the courses you will:


None of the courses included in the Preparing for Interview and Appraisals Bundle have prerequisites.

Who should attend?

The Preparing for Interview and Appraisals Bundle has been created for professionals at the start of their career, or returning after a break. It is particularly beneficial to those who:

These interview bundle courses were handpicked by our experts.

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