Unleash your creative potential and generate innovative ideas to benefit your business
Whether it’s solving problems or generating new ideas, creativity and innovation are vital in any business. In this interactive online course, you will learn to unleash this all-important creativity in both yourself and others, and gain the tools and techniques to spark innovative ideas.
This Creative Thinking course is packed with interactive content such as quizzes, animation and case studies. This means your training experience will be as engaging as it is effective. You will complete the course with the knowledge and tools to build environments for idea generation and be confident in your ability to encourage creativity in others.
This training course is optimised for all devices and can be accessed wherever you have the internet. Depending on the learner’s pace of learning, training takes around two hours to complete. Once you have completed the course and its accompanying exam, you will receive a certificate and 2 CPD points. This Creative Thinking course also comes with our lifetime support.
About this course
Creativity and innovation are key components to a successful business. They help us solve problems successfully and come up with ideas that keep us ahead of our competition. But for many, creativity doesn’t come easily.
In this online Creative Thinking course, you will learn to unleash your creative potential and encourage innovative ideas from others. Beginning by understanding your own creativity, the course will explore creativity and innovation in business, with a particular focus on problem-solving. On completion, you should feel confident in your creative ability and know how to lead idea-generating events.
This online Creative Thinking course comes with exam and certificate included, and you will earn 2 CPD points on successful completion. The course also comes with our lifetime support.
What will I learn?
This Creative Thinking course will open your eyes to your own creativity and the important role it plays in business. You will gain methods, tools and techniques to build creative environments and learn to inspire creativity in both yourself and others.
This online Creative Thinking course includes:
Learning outcomes
Creativity and innovation are key to any business. Individuals who are able to tap into their creativity and inspire others to do so too, are essential to solving problems effectively and generating innovative ideas that keep companies ahead of the competition.
On completion of this Creative Thinking course, you will:
There are no prerequisites to this online Creative Thinking course.
Who should attend?
This Creative Thinking course has been designed with working environments in mind. It is therefore suitable for anyone looking to improve their creativity, innovation, and problem-solving abilities at work.
The course is particularly well suited to leaders looking to encourage creative thinking and idea generation in a team.
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