Learn how to get the best ideas out of your team. Brainstorming vs. Negative Brainstorming training
Brainstorming is something we all have to do at one time or another, in any profession. But did you know that most of us are not doing it correctly – resulting in poorer outcomes and fewer ideas. Given idea generation is the number one reason to Brainstorm, couldn’t we all afford to be a little better at it?
This online Brainstorming course walks you through the steps you need to take to run a successful Brainstorming session, and the rules you need to enforce. You can complete the course in around an hour, depending on your pace, and have one month’s access so you’ll have plenty of time to fit it in around your other commitments.
Our Brainstorming training is fully optimised for desktop and mobile devices, so you can learn anywhere you have an internet connection. We are also proud to offer lifetime support with any of our courses. Plus, we’re so confident in our Brainstorming training that certification is guaranteed.
About this course
Idea generation is a major part of many aspects of business. It often takes centre stage at the start of a new project, when you take on a client or as the first step in solving an internal or external problem.
The tool most of us turn to, instinctively, when we need to generate some great ideas or solutions is brainstorming. It is something we are familiar with, often having used it at school or college.
But would you be surprised to know that most of us are using it wrong?
In as little as an hour, you could learn everything you need to know about how to run an effective and successful Brainstorming event with your team. You’ll understand the common mistakes, why you need to avoid them and the steps you should take for success.
What will I learn?
This Brainstorming training helps you understand why Brainstorming has remained one of the most successful idea generation tools.
It’ll also help you ensure you remain in control and confident with Brainstorming, to get the most out of the session and the entire team.
This course covers:
This training course is delivered online using our market-leading eLearning and includes interactive quizzes, and concludes with a short exam.
Learning outcomes
Brainstorming is an integral part of business, so why wouldn’t you want to make it as effective as possible? This course is quick and easy to complete, but will give you all the skills you need.
On completion of this Brainstorming course you will:
There are no prerequisites to this Brainstorming training course. It’s suitable for people from all different backgrounds and industries.
Who should attend?
Everyone could do with a few pointers on how they could improve their Brainstorming sessions. So if you’re considering this course, it would probably be helpful!
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