100% Effective is absolutely delighted to say we were winners at the BiY Inspired Awards 2015, which took place on Friday October 2nd.

As you may know, we were shortlisted for the Out of their League Award in August. It’s an accolade that recognises small companies that are regularly competing against much larger competitors to work with international big names.

BIY Inspired Award

Our competition included Union, Pixelbuilders and BGM Logistics; companies that have all worked hard and are constantly performing above what you would expect of your standard SME.

Given the tough competition, we are absolutely thrilled to have been recognised by this award. We strive to provide market-leading quality, unparalleled support and constant innovation with our classroom and online courses, and believe our consultants are some of the best around. We think this is why we continue to succeed in a market tailored to larger companies.

However, our success is also – in no small part – down to our amazing Pocklington team. They’re all highly-skilled and bring a huge amount to the table, allowing us to innovate in ways we may not have thought possible five or six years ago.

In the past year alone we have launched a new Denmark office, a German language website and run in-house courses around the world. We’ve also offered our first scheduled classroom course outside the UK due to unprecedented demand in Amsterdam and Europe.

So far 2015 has been a fantastic year for us, but we’re excited to say that 2016 will be even better! We’ll be launching a brand new website with greater usability and, most exciting of all, launching our new suite of fully-interactive, market-leading online training courses that will transform learning with 100% Effective.

So stay tuned for even more great news from the 100% Effective team.

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