Summer is hereBeach ready. again and the annual buzzword for many is back: Lean. As people begin to reach the final month of their beach holiday countdown, millions will be spent on diet drinks, fad foods and personal trainers in the desperate attempt to tone up. But, is it time to stop thinking as much about the shape of our bodies, and turn our attention to the shape of our businesses? 

WhilBeach body ready.e we are often encouraged to cut out the waste food and invest time, effort and money to get lean for summer, dedicating such assets to our business is a much more alien concept to many. However, the results of transforming your business into a Lean organisation has far more benefits than a beach body. And what’s more, the benefits of Business Improvement will continue long after the summer season.

So what are the benefits of getting Lean and how do we achieve them?

The benefits of a Lean business:

A Lean organisation is efficient and effective; its products and services are to customer specification and the cost of production is minimised. In the world of fitness, a Lean organisation is the impressive lycra-clad expert at the front of the gym class who looks as good as they feel.

As with all good health programmes, the Lean programme is not a crash diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Lean businesses continue to improve beyond the initial shred of cutting the waste from the company. It continues to be agile, is always responsive, and stays ahead of the game with its Lean mindset of continual improvement.

How to become Lean?

The initial shred involves the removal of Wastes, which is essentially where we cut the fat from the business. We begin by taking a serious and honest look at our process, in order to identify any of the eight Wastes. These eight areas are akin to the consumption of junk food and hours spent slumped in front of the television: without banishing these bad habits, we will never be Lean.

The 8 Wastes

To really benefit from the methods, companies must fully understand the principles and practices before getting started. Implementing Lean without the knowledge and guidance can be pointless and potentially dangerous. Imagine marching into the weight room for the first time and dedicating hours to toning your arms. At best, the results will be disproportionate beefy biceps, but in most cases you’ll do yourself a serious injury! So, before we remove Waste, we must begin with high-quality training.

Organisations looking to get Lean must look for two things: training that suits their company culture and needs, and a high-quality provider. Of course, just like the fitness industry, there are many options and getting started can be daunting. Your primary options are:

The gym classes: Lean Classroom coursesGym membership

Just as the most effective exercise classes are led by a qualified coach, quality classroom courses are always led by Lean experts. These experienced individuals will afford you the tools, techniques and most importantly, the Lean mindset. Your training should be supported beyond the classroom to ensure any achievements are continued and you don’t lose motivation when you strike out alone.

The home studio:  LLean eLearning. ean eLearning

Similar to your workout DVD or personalised fitness plan, eLearning allows you to train at a time and pace of your choice. This is a great option whether you want to explore the tools and techniques of Lean from the comfort of your own home, or you’re looking for bespoke online training to introduce a Lean mentality across your company.


The personal trainer: Lean consultants and in-house training

Depending on how many people you are looking to train, having the personal trainer come to your home can be the least costly option and often ensures the best results. With the Lean expert inside your company culture, your processes will not only  become Lean, but the team will adapt the united mindset together.Personal trainer.

At 100% Effective, our Lean training is diverse and adaptable, offering all the options above. What’s more, we provide lifetime support to ensure your continued success. So, while you may have to hop back on the hamster wheel every summer after losing your lean physique to the winter festivities, our training will ensure your business stays beach beautiful all year round.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Lean training for you and your career, or would like to discuss the best option for your organisation, get in touch on 0800 066 3749.

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