Multitasking: Why it’s time to stop [INFOGRAPHIC]

/Multitasking: Why it’s time to stop [INFOGRAPHIC]
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We’re all multitasking, all the time. We can’t even sit and watch the TV anymore without browsing our smartphones. And many of us feel more productive as a result.

We’re always busy, so we must be being productive, right? Right?!

Multitasking feels more efficient, but it isn’t. In fact, it can damage our productivity. The less you do, the more you are able to focus enabling you to quickly and successfully complete a task – leaving more time to start the next one.

Doing fewer things at once actually means you’ll be able to complete tasks more quickly, but your overall output will not be affected – it’s a win-win. Take a look at our new infographic below to explore this in more detail.

Little's Law multitasking infographicIf you enjoyed this infographic, you’re sure to love this one exploring productivity in the workplace. Or why not take a look at the supporting article here.

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