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How to get an NUS Extra Card for £13 with an eligible course

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How to get an NUS Card

100% Effective Ltd is recognised as an approved place of study by the NUS (National Union of Students). So, as long as you’ve bought an eligible course (see full list below), you can apply to join the NUS which entitles you to discounts and offers at thousands of retailers and restaurants with an NUS extra card.
How to get an NUS card

Here are some of our £10 courses eligible for an NUS Card:

What are the benefits of an NUS card?

An NUS extra card entitles you to discounts from hundreds of high street shops, restaurants, travel providers and many more. Below are just a few examples of where you could use your NUS card.

Please note, as NUS partners are always changing, we advise you check out the NUS website for the full list of current retailers accepting NUS Student Cards.

NUS Card Discounts and retailers

How can I apply for an NUS card?

In short, here’s what you need to do to apply for your NUS card:

  1. Purchase an eligible training course from us.
  2. Visit the NUS website.
  3. Select 100% Effective Ltd from the list of approved places of study.
  4. Choose Professional/Vocational as the Course Level.
  5. Select Business and Management as your Course Discipline.
  6. Complete your personal information, including your student ID (where do I find my Student ID?).
  7. Purchase your card for £12 per year + £1 P&P.

For a more detailed guide, please see below:

1. Ensure you have purchased an eligible course from us.

2. Go to the NUS website –

3. Fill in your personal email address. This does not have to be the same email address you used to purchase your course with us.


4. Choose 100% Effective Ltd from the list of approved places of study.


5. When choosing your course, you will need to select the options of Professional/Vocational as course level and Business and Management as course discipline from the list of available courses.


6. Complete your personal information. You will need to provide your student ID when signing up for your card (where can I find my Student ID?)


7. Purchase your NUS card for £12 per year + £1 P&P.

Where can I find my Student ID?

1. Sign into your account here:

2. Click your name at the top of the page and choose Profile:

NUS Click Profile

3. Within your profile page, your Student ID is displayed (as highlighted below):

NUS Student ID

ALL of our PAID FOR courses are approved for an NUS card. Our FREE courses are not eligible.

Below are some examples of courses which are eligible: