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An end to one-size-fits-all consultancy services
As Business Improvement experts, we offer specialist consultancy in addition to our Lean Six Sigma training. Our aim is to help businesses develop the skills they need to continue on the path to process excellence on their own. All the consultants at 100% Effective come from a broad range of backgrounds and industries. But, they all share a proven track record of delivering excellent results and a commitment to our values.
Waste, variation and staff engagement impact profitability and growth at all organisations. As a result, any form of inefficiency wastes time and resources. Our consultancy services aim to make your business 100% effective!
We’ll help you optimise your core processes, giving you more visibility and control. Our consultants will also work with your internal teams to improve productivity, and get everyone involved in continuous improvement.

A simple philosophy

Our approach to Business Improvement is rooted in Lean Six Sigma principles, and we are one of the UK’s leading providers of Business Improvement training and tailored solutions. Our reputation within consultancy means we have built up an impressive client list. You can check it out here.
Our service is proven, practical, and based on our simple philosophy:

We’re constantly striving to innovate. We practise what we preach by always working to improve our technology, content and teaching methods.


Quality is what makes our consultancy services stand out. You know that we’re doing all we can to help you work towards excellence in your field.


We support you by carefully transferring learning to you throughout your consultancy and providing ongoing coaching and deployment assistance.

Our core values

All our Business Improvement consultancy work is anchored to our five core values. These five values inform everything we do for clients and are the motivation to continue making our products better and better. They are:
Every single course we offer, no matter how you learn, comes with our unique lifetime support guarantee. So you know we’re always on hand to help, if you need it.

We pass on our knowledge as quickly as possible so you can start making positive change immediately


We invest in the success of our clients. We train, coach and support people so the changes they see are permanent and sustainable


Our support and teachings are all grounded in practical, hands-on experience so that your new skills are easy to apply


As the main driver of Lean Six Sigma projects, we want all of our clients to improve their business in the most efficient way possible


We demand tangible outcomes, every time

Our consultants and trainers have all run businesses or held senior management positions so they know what it takes to be successful. With a combined 108 years of experience, they can help you improve any process, in any industry.
No matter where you are on your journey to excellence, our consultants can come in to support you in your specific circumstances. Whether you need full-time consultancy, or are looking for someone to advise on a short-term basis, get in touch on 0800 066 3749.

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