It’s a new year, which brings with it new challenges and new opportunities. Now is the time to reflect on what you want to achieve in 2019. Near the top of everyone’s list should be the desire to obtain a new skill in order to continue your personal development and move forward in your career.

I believe that certifying as a Lean Six Sigma Green or Black belt would be a very wise investment in time, energy and money and I want to give you 10 reasons why.

1. Be at the leading edge of business thinking. Lean Six Sigma is recognised the world over as the number one business improvement method; it makes your organisation more effective and solves your business problems. In order to be at the forefront of business thinking (including engaging staff and motivating yourself) you must understand Lean Six Sigma. Those who don’t will very simply be left behind.

2. Lean Six Sigma will make you stand out from the crowd. The issues you solve using Lean Six Sigma will be visible to everyone in the company. The fact that problems are solved permanently and you can show the benefits will generate attention from senior managers. Everyone who certifies as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt by delivering two effective improvement projects becomes more well-known and respected in their business
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4. Lean Six Sigma will boost your self-worth, confidence and enthusiasm. Over years in the industry, we have found that becoming Lean Six Sigma certified improves your self-assurance. Speaking with data, understanding what is going on, why things happen and the root causes mean that when you talk to management you do so with a sense of new found confidence.

When challenged you have the data to support you, reducing how often you feel too intimidated to speak out and increasing your confidence. Furthermore, you can see the difference you have made to a company or individuals and know that it was your contribution; you see that the ideas you come up with get implemented. All in all successful Belts will feel different, act different and demand more of themselves and their companies.

5. Lean Six Sigma qualifications are applicable in any industry or function. Every industry understands Lean Six Sigma and is using the approach so your new skills will be applicable even if you decide to move into a different role or industry. In fact, a Lean Six Sigma qualification can help you stand out as it is seen as a benefit no matter what sector you look to.
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7. Enable you to lead change and improvement in your business. Lean Six Sigma incorporates all aspects of continuous improvement, as well as employee engagement and motivation. As such you will be able to identify where the issues are in a business but, more importantly, do something about it. A qualification in Lean Six Sigma includes all the tools and techniques needed to solve problems and implement sustainable change in a business.

8. Enable you to obtain quick wins in any business. Using techniques like Kaizen you will be able to show instant benefits to the business by applying these techniques. This tool is ideal for urgent and important problems that need a considered and effective solution right now.

9. You will be able to improve customer service. Lean Six Sigma has the customer at its heart so qualifying in Lean Six Sigma gives you the skills to look at everything from a customer’s perspective. You will work on improving a client’s experience and show this insight to others in order to improve the customer experience.

10. You will be able to transform your business. You can be the hero in your business. You can turn a business with high costs or poor productivity around by applying your learning. You can save jobs, turn around companies and improve morale in the business.

Simply put, becoming certified in Lean Six Sigma will change your life. It will motivate you, educate you and make you think differently. In 2019, if you do nothing else, prioritise learning the most essential business skills and transform your career.

100% Effective has had the privilege of helping thousands of delegates to do just that. We have helped people get promoted, find new jobs, turn round failing businesses and improve their self-worth leading to happier, more engaged and more enthusiastic people.

So if you are looking for a new start in 2019, a change in direction in 2019 or a change in approach in 2019 talk to us today.