Behind every Lean Six Sigma success story is a strong and supportive team. Made up of various levels within the organisation, these are the people who find and eliminate the inefficiencies and problems from your processes and ensure they never return again. They save their organisations significant amounts of time and money, and create an invaluable culture of Continuous Improvement.

So, what makes a Lean Six Sigma team? Lean Six Sigma is a highly adaptive method used across the world to transform organisations, big and small, and in any industry. For this reason, no two Lean Six Sigma teams are the same. Their sizes vary depending on how big the company is and how long they have been running Lean Six Sigma. They run projects unique to them and their approach will be tailored to their industry.

But, regardless of the differences of Lean Six Sigma teams and the challenges they face, the roles and requirements of the Belts remain universal. To help get you started, we have created this clear and concise infographic showing you the roles you can expect to see in any Lean Six Sigma team, wherever you are in the world.

Lean Six Sigma team infographic.

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