In your busy working week, inducting yet another new hire into the organisation can feel like one more task to add to the list. But having onboarded plenty of people in the past, you’ve got it down to a tee; introduce them to the necessary team members, complete the compliance paperwork, demonstrate the standard procedures, and show them where the loos are. The quicker you complete the induction, the sooner you can get back to your desk and the sooner the new hire can begin to add value to the company – right?


Although common, this baptism of fire is a highly ineffective onboarding process – if it can be called an onboarding process at all! It is not only an unwelcoming and overwhelming way to introduce someone to your organisation, but it is unlikely to provide them with the start they need to begin adding any form of value. Time will consequently be wasted as the new hire has to ask for information to be repeated, and mistakes will probably be made. What’s more, the new hire’s all-important first impression of their new employer will forever be tainted, making it unlikely they’ll stick around for long.

So, while onboarding may seem like an inconvenient formality you simply need to get through, it is, in fact, an invaluable opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. To better understand the power of an effective induction process and learn how you can implement one in your workplace, take a look at our infographic below. With facts and figures galore, there’s no denying the importance of getting your induction process just right.

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