After 30-odd years of supporting businesses, leaders, students, and managers in how to deploy Lean
Six Sigma, Business Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, or whatever
you prefer to call it, I decided it is time to share my learning.

Working with some of the biggest companies in the world on 5 continents, with amazing people in
every industry you can name and in every business function, I have a detailed insight into what
makes Business Improvement a success and have captured this learning in this book.

As with all journeys, it’s been a learning experience which has not stopped yet. Not every client has
managed to embrace the change required, but many have. However, true enlightenment comes
from failure as well as success, and this book conveys the wealth of learning that has taken place
over my considerable career to date.

If you truly want to engage every member of your staff in identifying and then solving business
problems daily, you must embark on a change in your business. You must think and act differently,
you must educate and train all levels, and you must embrace the requirements for success. It’s not
just about finding a simple solution to one problem; it’s about ensuring that people accept the
solutions. It’s about taking your team with you.

It starts with senior managers and leaders in the company and must then touch every person, every
function, and every decision you make.

Yes, you can use Lean Six Sigma principles and tools to solve problems and they will have a major
impact in your business; however, companies who embrace the culture of Business Improvement
discover that they make major changes and improve customer and staff satisfaction, whilst also
making every business index better.

My book, The Essential Guide to Lean Six Sigma & Business Improvement, has been written for
people who want to make a major difference in their company. It sets out how to effectively deploy
Lean Six Sigma or your Business Improvement approach. It explains how to train people, select
people, run an improvement project, make change stick, learn from others’ mistakes, pick projects,
communicate effectively and, ultimately, facilitate major change in your company.

Essential Guide to Lean Six Sigma Book
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If you want to learn the tools associated with Lean or Lean Six Sigma, this is not the book for
you—we don’t cover that. After all, once you know them, the tools are easy. In fact, most solutions
are relatively simple to come up with. The difficulty is making people accept them. The change
aspect of Business Improvement. This book guides you through doing just that, and it all starts with
managers and leaders. Anyone who has a serious interest in Business Improvement, Lean Six Sigma,
or making a company better will learn vital lessons from this essential guide.

Read the first few pages on Amazon and I am sure you will see how it can help you.

I have enjoyed the process of creating this book and feel the details will support anyone with an
interest in this subject. I would welcome your views, reviews, and thoughts on the subject. I would
love to talk to you if you have any needs in this area, but most importantly to me would be that you
apply the learning and make your business better.

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