Learning at Work Week 2018 ran from May 14th to 18th and it was the first time 100% Effective took part – so we were blown away by the support and engagement we got from you all. Overall we gave away training worth more than £5,300 to more than 80 people across 74 businesses.

But next year we want to do more.

Learning at Work Week 2019 has just been announced as May 13th to 19th and we’re already excited about how we can make our second year bigger and better. So, we thought the best people to ask were those who joined in with us this year.

We polled our subscribers and they told us that they want to see more from 100% Effective next year – with 100% asking for free training courses and 90% asking us for free to attend events. Free coaching and free webinars were also popular with 70% and 80% respectively. Two-thirds (66.7%) said they would like 100% Effective to deliver training at their place of work next year. And overall, 80% of people said they like events and workshops that are held at their place of work over a third party location or a specific Learning at Work Week event.

So, that’s what we’ve learned this week – we’ll let you know when we get started with our preparations for next year.

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