Once almost unknown outside the manufacturing industry, today Lean Six Sigma is used in various industries around the world, every day. This increased awareness of Lean Six Sigma and its impressive benefits has changed the questions we find ourselves answering in our articles and over the phone: it seems you no longer need us to explain why you should choose Lean Six Sigma training, but instead, why you should choose 100% Effective.

With the increased demand for Lean Six Sigma training resulting in more providers appearing on the market each year, both good and bad, we actively encourage you to question potential training providers. In fact, in our article The Key questions to ask your classroom provider,  we even provide you with probing questions to ask, reveal the answers you should expect, and implore you to demand more of your training providers.

While our friendly team could happily talk all day about why you should choose us, we appreciate an infographic may be a more time-efficient option for everyone. So, in this infographic we have detailed some of the many reasons we are so proud of our Lean Six Sigma training and why we should be your preferred provider.

Why choose 100% Effective?

Still unsure as to whether or not we are the right fit for you? Just get in touch to discuss your Lean Six Sigma training requirements with one of the team – don’t worry, it won’t really take all day! 

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