Whether it is through our consultancy or our training, embracing change is at the heart of what we do. We blog, share, tweet, and provide free resources to impress the importance of growing and developing alongside the continuously modifying world of business. Educating those wanting to implement improvements, we teach the tools to ensure it is managed to success. In short, we are advocates for change and innovation and, importantly, we practice what we preach.

One particularly exciting change we are currently implementing is the development of our new eLearning programmes. Using the best of traditional online training methods, we are incorporating the latest and most effective technology in online education to provide our students with the greatest learning experience. Amongst the innovations is Gamification: the transforming of tricky and difficult topics into fun and engaging games.

We have explored and discussed the numerous advantages of Gamification throughout past publications. From eLearning buying guides to articles dedicated solely to the advantages of Gamification. But for the time-poor amongst you, we have now dedicated an infographic to teach you the benefits of Gamification in a matter of moments.

Gamification Infographic

To learn more about the development of our online training, or to discuss the possibility of bespoke gamified eLearning for your company, get in touch on 0800 066 3749.