eLearning: More than a Millennial thing

/eLearning: More than a Millennial thing
  • eLearning is for all generations.

While there are a few organisations made up almost exclusively of one age group, most are multigenerational. For the first time in history, four generations are in the workplace at the same time meaning our colleagues consist of everyone from Traditionalists and Baby Boomers, to the much-discussed Millennials. We are even beginning to see the fresh faces of the Gen Z enter the office!Generation timeline.

So, with such a diverse range of generations in the same workplace, how do training managers begin to cater for all development needs, conveniently and cost effectively? Is there even a way to offer professional development to those who were presenting in the boardroom long before PowerPoint was even invented, while harmoniously catering for their colleagues who have never known a world without WiFi?

Training that transcends the ages

If your organisation is struggling to find transgenerational training, eLearning could be the answer. For many, this suggestion will come as a shock; surely eLearning is the training medium of the Millennials? At least, that’s what all the articles suggest…Millennials only.

Over the years, there have been a multitude of insights published hailing eLearning as the perfect way to train and develop Millennials. And they’re not wrong; the engaging nature of eLearning and the 24/7 accessibility it offers is certainly suited to digital natives who have grown to expect information at their fingertips. But the benefits of eLearning are not exclusive to the younger generations.

eLearning is convenient 
eLearning offers 24/7 access.

Although on paper we now have more leisure time than ever before, our commitments and responsibilities are still leaving many of us feeling frazzled. And the issue of time poverty is true of all generations; whether we are interns starting out in the working world or full-time CEOs with grandchildren responsibilities, our demanding schedules make finding time to train tricky.

This is where the 24/7 accessibility of eLearning becomes invaluable to us all. Ridding us of the need to work around training dates and venue location, learners can choose to train at a time and place that is convenient for them – and what generation doesn’t love convenience?

eLearning is self-paced

While assumeLearning is self-paced.ptions should never be made on the capabilities or knowledge of individuals based on their generation, studies have shown that our generational experience does inform our learning styles. For example, studies often suggest that those of Generation X usually favour self-directed learning, and Millennials are known to expect and respond to on-demand information.

The self-paced nature of eLearning means it can meet the needs of all generations. For the Generation Xers, eLearning gives them the control over their training that they thrive from. For those Millennials who are used to getting information in quick, sharp bursts, it means they can pause and revisit content. And for the older generation, who may have been away from the classroom for some time, eLearning offers a pressure-free way of entering the learning environment.

eLearning has no age limit

eLearning is accessible to all ages. Baby Boomers and the more mature members of Generation X are often portrayed as technophobes who will do anything to return to the physical filing systems of the good old days. Not only have studies into tech spending levels shown this perception to be largely untrue – and unsurprisingly insulting – but if training managers invest in high-quality, intuitive eLearning, ability levels shouldn’t be an issue anyway.

High-quality eLearning is designed for all types of learners. It should be intuitive enough for all abilities to navigate the content with ease and include the right amount of interactivity to keep even the most tech-savvy user engaged. If training managers successfully source this high-quality eLearning, then there is nothing standing in between them and the impressive educational and financial benefits associated with eLearning.

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