Have you been burnt by bad eLearning?

Perhaps you spent a small fortune setting up systems to give your employees access to what you thought was market-leading training, only to receive a poorly put together PowerPoint with a dodgy voiceover. Or maybe you’ve heard horror stories of colleagues who unknowingly invested in a low-quality eLearning course for their personal development, that turned out to be little more than a collection of PDF files.

Whatever your negative experience with eLearning, it probably put you off even dipping your toe in the eLearning pool again. But this fear of being burnt is holding you back from experiencing high-quality eLearning and gaining the big benefits it is known to achieve. And with continued reports of benefits including impressive educational advantages for the learner and some staggering financial savings for businesses, it’s probably time you test the waters once more. Try eLearning again.

Testing the waters

Like any investment, the greater your product knowledge, the better your chances are of getting value for your money and finding the right product for you. So, before buying online training, it’s important you spend time looking at what is available and discovering what good eLearning looks like.

Remember, technology is always changing. Even if only a few years have passed since you last shopped around for eLearning, the marketplace has probably changed a lot since your last experience. Technical advances mean there are now possibilities you may not even be aware of. By entering this world without first updating your knowledge, you run the serious risk of buying eLearning akin to a CD Walkman, unaware that for the same price you could have purchased an iPod.

And preparing yourself with eLearning knowledge early on will benefit you far beyond the initial purchasing stages, particularly if you are responsible for implementing it in your organisation. Repeated studies have shown that organisations with a greater understanding of eLearning are proven to receive the biggest benefits.

Of course, this positive correlation between increased knowledge and understanding, and the success and benefits gained probably doesn’t shock you; it makes sense that the more we understand something, the better we can use it. But, despite the apparent logic of this, all too many organisations continue to invest in eLearning without first understanding eLearning. The result of this is not only wasted time, money and effort but an increased dent in the relationship between learners and eLearning. Bad eLearning can burn.

Healing the wounds of poor eLearning

The burn you received from past eLearning may be so deep that it will take a lot to convince you to give it another go. On the other hand, our infographic displaying the big benefits achieved through eLearning may have you wanting to dive right back into the eLearning pool.

Either way, we advise you first take a moment to learn more about eLearning. For those unsure about eLearning, it will enable you to make an informed final verdict as to whether or not is right for you. And for those who are keen to experience effective eLearning, it will significantly increase your chances of finding high-quality online training that you can then use effectively.  

Wondering where you can gain this eLearning knowledge?

We have plenty of 100% Effective resources readily available to put you in the know. From our eLearning buying guide that will transform you into a savvy online training shopper, to insightful articles written by our expert eLearning developers. We even have a half hour webinar in which we explore everything eLearning, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Just press the button below to take a look!

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