As we enter the third week of 2017, it is likely you are beginning to grow tired of declarations of new year, new me. In fact, with a poll revealing around 66% of people ditch their new year goals before the end of January, you may have already given up on your own resolutions altogether. However, research suggests that if your goal for 2017 is to transform your career, then it’s worth hanging on a little longer.

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According to LinkedIn’s annual Global Recruiting Trends Report 2017, hiring volumes are set to increase this year meaning more professional opportunities will be available. So, for the multitude of people who’s new year’s resolution is to make this the year they finally transform their career, then they’ve picked a promising time to do so.

However, that is not to say we will all be able to walk into our dream job or bag a promotion without putting in the necessary preparation. With 30% of last year’s UK workforce starting the year off looking for a new job, competition will still be high and to succeed you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd.

Three tips to stand out

Soft Skills

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We have always promoted the importance of soft skills in the workplace, and with the recruitment report predicting an increase in CV checking automation, it seems that investing in gaining and developing these skills is more important than ever. The automotive machines designed to reduce the cost of recruitment will scan your CV for both the role specific skills, and those all important soft skills, filtering those candidates who do not make the cut.

It is therefore not only important to make sure you list the soft skills you already have, but also that you invest in gaining more (or improving those that could do with some polishing).

Online branding

With 40% of hires set to be founOnline personal brand. d through professional online networks, it’s time to take your online personal brand into consideration. Your online presence is an opportunity to influence people’s first impression and overall perception of you, and knowing how to do this effectively could be make or break for your professional success in 2017.

While online personal branding may come naturally for some, for many, this act of self-marketing can be a little daunting. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the concept of personal branding, and devise an action plan to optimise your online presence before applying for the positions you want.


The positive correlation between confidence and professional success is nothing new. It will be essential in your success this year, Confidence is key.and will continue to play a big part in your professional progress for the foreseeable future – so it’s worth investing in now.

Confidence is not only necessary for the very act of putting yourself forward for a promotion or new role, but it is also an essential ingredient to succeeding when in the position. From effective communication to the ability to negotiate, many of the skills you need to thrive in the workplace require a strong level of confidence and self-esteem.

Good luck and get going!

While each role is unique in its requirements, these top tips are sure to help you stand out in any competitive crowd. What’s more, with such flexible and affordable development training options available as eLearning, you can begin to implement these changes in no time. This means that you can gain all the necessary skills and knowledge you need to transform before the rest of the resolution makers have even got round to purchasing their new gym memberships!

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