100% Effective is pleased to announce its collaboration with one of the world’s largest business solution and consultancy firms, Tata Consultancy Services. Led by Chris, Head of Web and eLearning Development, the project will see many of 100% Effective’s market-leading eLearning courses introduced to the Indian market this summer.

The courses, including 100% Effective’s online Lean Six Sigma and Business Improvement training, will be hosted on Tata Consultancy Services’ content marketplace platform, ION Digital Learning Hub. The international learning platform provides best-in-class training courses to learners of all levels, allowing 24/7 access to interactive content for self-led personal development training.

Sponsored by the Indian government, the Tata Consultancy Services’ Digital Learning Hub is growing rapidly year-on-year. Much of its success is attributed to a commitment to provide only high-quality, engaging and innovative learning content, which is achieved by working exclusively with organisations which are equally committed to providing such quality training – organisations such as 100% Effective.

The Indian government are determined to provide access to quality training to all areas of the country. They are working with Tata Consultancy Services to provide sustainable, effective and transformational learning to all and 100% Effective are delighted to be part of this programme.

John Wellwood.

Our Managing Director, John Wellwood, said:“Providing support and learning to some of the most deprived people in India will see people’s lives transformed. This gives us great pride and hope for the future and we look forward to a long partnership with Tata Consultancy Services, the Indian government and the Indian people.”