Green and Black Belt Training

Full training, support, exams and certification for one low monthly fee.

Our award winning eLearning Green and Black Belt training is now available as a monthly fee. Instead of purchasing the course on an annual basis (£1,350) we are offering the same courses for a low monthly fee of £149+vat. This not only includes the Green and Black Belt, but 99 additional courses too.

Every course you will ever need to train yourself or your staff in Continuous Improvement, Business Improvement and Productivity Improvement. Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, Problem Solving, Change Management and essential soft skills to implement change in one online eLearning library.

Lean Six Sigma Online Green Belt
Online lean six sigma black belt

The Complete Lean Six Sigma Training Package

Only £149+vat per month

  • Cancel anytime, there’s no minimum term

  • Full Master Black Belt Support

  • Exams and Certificates included with every course

  • £149+vat per month (worth £6,950+vat)

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What’s included in this package?

Get access to all of these courses

Access to over 99 productivity improvement, problem solving and business improvement courses including Lean, Six Sigma, Problem Solving, Kaizen, Change Management and deployment skills as part of the library you get:

See the full list of included courses below, and choose the best option for your requirements.

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GOLD Bundle

£149+vat per month

  • 99+ courses (includes Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt)

  • Cancel anytime, there’s no minimum term

  • Unlimited access to the entire training library

  • Exams and Certificates included with every course

  • Access to Continuous Improvement form, articles, templates and guides

  • Full Master Black Belt support

  • Free copy of ‘Essential Guide to Lean Six Sigma” eBook

  • Access provided within 48 hours

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Full list of courses included in the Gold Bundle:

Active Listening
Body Language
Change Curve
Change Manager Skills
Coaching Skills
Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution
Effective Meetings
Establish an implementation plan
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Influencing Skills
Kotter 8 Steps
Kurt Lewin 3 phase model
Maslows Hierarchy of needs
Questioning Skills
Stakeholder Analysis
The Practical Trainer

Kaizen Facilitation
Kaizen Introduction

8 Wastes
Cycle Time and Critical Path Analysis
Gemba Walk
Implementing Pull
Intro to Lean
Lean Practitioner
Mistake Proofing
OEE – Overall Equipment Efficiency
Process Balancing
Process Sequence Charting
Reduce Complexity
Standardisation and training
Systems Thinking
Toyota Production System
TPM – Total Productive Maintenance
Value Stream Mapping
Visual Management
Workstation Analysis: Ergonomics
Black Belt
Champion Training
Green Belt
Little’s Law
Yellow Belt
Body Language – Reading Body Language as a Sales Tool
Building High Performance teams
Building your Personal Brand
Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public
Creative Thinking
Interviewing Skills
Negotiation Skills
Networking for Success
Presentation Skills
Pressure Management
Self-esteem Assertiveness
Stress Management
Time Management
Action Planning
Activity Flow Charts
Affinity Diagrams
Brainstorming and Brainwriting
Check Sheets
Confirming Improvements
Correlation and Regression
Data Collection
Frequency Plots
Generate Solutions
Lift Speeches
Mind Mapping
Pareto Charts and Pie Charts
Prioritisation in Problem Solving
Problem Solving (TEAM BASED)
Process Mapping
Scatter Plots
Solution Selection Matrix
Spaghetti Diagrams
Swimlane Diagrams
Theory of Constraints
Time Series Plots
Advanced Hypothesis Testing
Analysis of Variance
Confidence Intervals
Designed Experiments
How to work out percentages
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
Introduction to Six Sigma
Introduction to Statistics
Non Parametric Statistics
Sipoc Charts
The role of Statistical Analysis
Two Sample T-Test
Voice of the customer